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Funny Video Of A Kid Scolding A Barber For Cutting His Hair.

Date: 2020-11-25 16:40:47

By Jitanshu

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Do you remember your time when you shouted and wished to escape the hair salon when your mom/dad took you forcefully?

Well, kids do not like getting a haircut, because of the fear that the barber might cut their ears or hurt them on the head.

Sometimes it gets very difficult for parents to convince their child to get their hair cut and in a matching plot, a Twitter user Anup20992699 shared a video of his child, he writes,

'My child is resentful, the struggle of every parent'

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In the video, Anushrut looks angry and refuses to cut the hair. The Internet liked Anushrut's cute dialogues and remembers how they used to react when they were kids. The video has gone viral across social platforms.

funny video of kid and barber
Source: Twitter User Anup

"Anushrut ke baal mat kaato, arey mat karo yaar, Shit!"

The barber is cutting his hair comfortably by diverting his mind while talking to him. He asked him the name of his whole family member, but the child cutely threatened him with teary eyes. The kid even told the barber that he will cut his hair if he continues to do so.

Until now, the video has been viewed by over 1 million people and retweeted by 55000 people.

Please share your funny childhood story in the comments below.


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