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15 Most Comedy Conversation Between Teacher And Student. Funny Teachers!

Date: 2019-02-10 11:16:30

By TabloidXO Writers

It's after you are pass out you realize that you owe it all to your teachers. Every once in a while our teachers say these few things that we certainly believe comes from their 'the teacher's book of vocabulary" that is handed over to them before they start their teaching life. These phrases are so common, that irrespective of whichever school you are from, I can guarantee you that you will relate. These lines may have been a part of our school lives, but deep down, I'm sure we all miss hearing them, for now, we see the concern behind them. So here's to celebrating our bond with teachers by recalling their 15 most favorite dialogues teachers have showered on us:

1. "Is this a class or a fish market?"

This has got to be their ultimate favorite because there was no single day that we weren't compared to the fish vendors, who quite contradictorily were so much more hardworking than a class full of naughty kids.

2. "Yes? Why are you laughing? Please share the joke with the class".

LOL, literally! But here, LOL and justify, for how dare you to laugh in the class while the teacher is so seriously teaching?
The fun part was, the teacher asks to recap the joke which results in laughing again, *Joke break*!


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3. "Pin drop silence!"

I've never understood this concept of using a dropping pin as an example to demand silence. Must be under the "essential vocabulary" section of the 'the teacher's book of vocabulary". Wonder when they'll modify it to "feather drop silence" because isn't that a much better example?


Oh, you wish! You just know that there is absolutely no end to the warnings you get. They may threaten to call your parents to meet the principal, but teachers are too darling to do that to us.
Kyunki teacher bhi kabhi student thi.


5. "I won't be there to help you during your exam".

Ever seen someone emotionally blackmail you, just to make you realize their importance? Well, that's one lesson well learned.

6. I will readily resign, why don't you come and teach?

If you are Mr. know-it-all, or even if you're not, show a little disinterest in class and the teacher will ask you to come forward and take over.


7. "I will not spoon feed you, you're not babies".

Ask for a little extra help and they'll come back to you with this! (Not to mention that it was actually what we hope she does. Who doesn't wants to be spoon fed in school, after all?)

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Call it that or a nightmare, at least for those of us to intend to study one night before exams! Yay says the geeks. I almost believe that surprise tests are teachers' way to cover up for the announcement they forgot to make...think about it.


9. "Didn't you have breakfast?"

No, ma'am! My energy is very selective of when she (energy) decides to show, like during the recess. Other times my energy is very shy in nature.


10. "This is the worst class I have ever taught".

Says every teacher to almost every class she teaches. Do they really think it affects us anymore?

11. "You are physically here but mentally elsewhere".

No sarcasm can deny the truth in this one line our teachers say, just if they catch us red-handed staring blankly at the blackboard. She tops it all by asking us a question as if we weren't already embarrassed enough!


12. "If you're not interested, please leave the class."

Try such stunts at your own risk!


13. "Shh! The principal is on around".

Just when the teacher realizes she has no other way but to depend on her last option, that is, the fear of principal. Ever wonder, why the principal is always on around but never shows up?


14. How can you forget your notebook when you didn't forget to eat, play and bathe?

Only if bringing a notebook was half as important as the other things that we did remember. But who would explain that to the teacher?

15. "I'm like your mother".

No matter what, now we realize it's actually true.


Teachers, we love you and we miss you, and we hope even our super juniors makes you all entertained by such things (and so does you) :-P.


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