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People Share How They Pranked Their Friends On April Fools Day & Their Reactions

Date: 2019-04-01 17:31:24

By Mansha

We all love to mess with our friend's minds and when they do get mad at it, we love it even more because nothing is more soothing than seeing your friends frightened, shocked and that killer looks in their eyes. For this, 1st April is the best day to play with their heads and to see them scared one more time as we all know, "never to take it 1st April seriously" but again and again and every year, people tend to stick with the web.

This year, we asked people around, what pranks they did play on their friends and what were their reactions? And you would love to read it further as it will bring a smile on your face and maybe you would get some ideas to mess with your friends...

Friend 1:

"It was last year when I decided to make him a fool as it was 1st April. I called him in the morning saying, I have met with an accident near his place. So, come fast as I am surrounded by people and the moment he arrived, he saw me with an ice-cream at eight in the morning".

Reaction - He literally kill me anytime because even in our school and college days, he never used to attend morning lectures as he loves his sleep, but this time after ages, he got up and came to me seeing eating ice-cream. Though he left from there immediately and I had to call him a thousand times to say sorry.


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Friend 2:

"The moment our college, got over, she started teasing me about, my parents finding a guy for me for marriage and every time I used to get hell irritated. So, last year on 1st April I made the plan to make her realize, no matter what she says, but the day I will get fixed she would be the first person to cry. I called her in the afternoon and broke the news about me getting engaged.

Her reaction - For a full 2 minutes, she didn't say a word and then she said, "you kidding"? I said no and she started blabbering something, "why so early, have you gone mad and stuff and soon I realized she was crying". I told her I was joking and I had to listen to hundreds of abuses, but in the end, she promised me that she would never tease me about this again as she got, hell scared.


Friend 3:

We were in college when this prank happened. She has very long hair, which she adores, and loves them to the core. I downloaded this app on my phone from which the sound of razor comes and I placed my phone near her head to give her an idea that I am going to shave her head.

Her reaction - She started screaming to her highest volume without realizing that we are in the library and started running behind me to kill me, but the moment we stopped and I realized that this is getting serious I told her about the application and she gave me the worst slap of my life.


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Friend 4:

"I played the best prank of my life with my office colleague. I managed to reach a bit earlier than her and there is a bean ball in our office so I unzipped the bean ball, so that when she sits, the beans should come out bursting onto her, which will make her feel embarrassed.

Her reaction - She came a bit late that day and everyone have been already in the office including our boss. She came and started settling her stuff and the moment she sat, the loud sound came and she started panicking thinking about what she has done. People around her started laughing, including me, she saw me and gave me those killer looks and our boss was already laughing, as he knew I have done it is her best friend. At the end of the day, she did slap me.


Friend 5:

"The day before 1st April I went to the departmental store and I saw those soaps in chicken nugget shape and I decided to play this prank with my friend in college. I went to him the next day in college and told him that I bought him chicken nuggets as my mom cooked for us. He picked those up and took a bite.

His reaction - He vomited after 5 minutes and when he came back he gave me somersaults.



Friend 6:

"My brother is hell scared from lizards so last year on April fool day I planned a cut out of lizard and kept on his bed. He came back from the office and saw it on his bed".

His reaction - He started calling our mom and shouting and pleading to save him. Our mom came and saw the cut-out and told him that it's not real. He sat for ten minutes in a still motion all scared and shivering.


Friend 7:

"I swapped the sugar bottle with a salt bottle and the morning when my mother went to the kitchen to make tea for the whole house, she had put salt instead of sugar".

Her reaction - When she tasted after making, she made this hissing sound and started scolding my father and still no one knows that it was me.


Enjoyed, didn't you? Do let us know about your pranks, which you played and pranks which was played on you.

Happy April Fool Day!


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