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Friend, How Do You Pretend To Be So Innocent In Front Of Your Family, But In Reality, 'Tujhse Bada Kameena Koi Nai Hai!'

Date: 2017-11-26 12:57:38

By Manveen

If you think your friend is a monkey who can never behave properly, then just go visit them in their natural habitat, which is their home! You see them in front of his or her parents because then suddenly you will see the monkey goes off for a spin-off and becomes the most obedient creature that the mankind has ever lived to witness.


How do you do this?

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How come you even be somebody who probably spits swear and swear more than the breaths you throw out of your mouth and not even say the first letter of any abuse in front of your parents? It looks almost as if there is a default lock in your body that comes into operation whenever they sense an adult or parent around.

You do realize that half of your life is an act you never get tired of, not even once and your parents think you are innocent but I wish they knew what we know about you, you clever mind. How do you manage this double lifestyle? Sita at home, Gita outside. Ram in front of mom and Shyam in front of your entire hostel dorm.


But you do get the urge to misbehave right? Come on, it cannot be this that you never slipped even once in front of your family or got carried away in the heat of a moment and shown your family a glimpse of your other self that they are totally unaware of.

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Have you ever wondered how your family would react if they find out about your other alternate self? There is no chance you would have not spent hours or at least a couple of minutes wondering what your mother would have to say on your verbally abusing vocabulary or how your dad would react if he sees you getting into all the trouble, too often?


I think he would love to disown you, but... khoon hai tu unka, so maybe you get another chance.

Not that we are complaining that there is something wrong about it. Who are we to judge? We are nobody but fans of your buffoon activities. It is you that provides us with a dosage of regular entertainment in our lives. Why would we ever complain?



The "C" word we would want to use here is not complaining but "curious". We are merely curious about how you manage to be two different people in one lifetime and how you balance both sides. It is our curiosity only that was the sole purpose of us asking you, but whatever it is, you carry on the good work, you bring laughter in our lives so kindly continue being the monkey that you already are.

Hoping you get caught soon from your parents, HAHA!


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