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End Of The World? Is The Prediction Of 2012 Going To Get True In 2020?

Date: 2020-05-25 16:34:37

By Manveen

end of the world
Source: Centerforinquiry

Remember the movie 2012 fellas? Did you not all love that movie! Lord, we went with our families to watch that movie and laugh it in its face as we wished everybody Happy New Year on 1st January 2013. Good times, were they not?

Well, anything is better than the year 2020. Except 1947, 1984, etc, though! But why do we all hate 2020 so much? Did we all not want month-long vacations, plenty of time to binge-watch, learn a skill, not look at colleagues? Clearly not everybody hates 2020 for what it did to the world's poor, not for what it did to migrant labours with no slippers walking on melting roads from Delhi to Bihar with family and no food. Will they reach? Will we ever know if they did or did not?

end of the world

The year began with the Australian bush fire, Delhi riots, Covid-19, Vishakhapatnam gas tragedy and so many other incidents. The year is cursed. Some astrologers declared 2020 to be cursed because it is the year of the rats. According to the Chinese calendar, it is the year of the rat, and rat brings plague. Basically rats are an omen of everything bad and every time it was the year of the rat in every decade/ century, the world suffered. More reasons to hate rats. The movie Ratatouille can be damned.

Anyway, do you all remember that mad hippie-like scientist in the movie 2012 who was the first to predict the volcano erupt? Maybe he was wrong and it was not 2012 but 2020. Clearly some writers are pitching in stories for COVID and 2020 but you know he was a hippie and he could have misread 2020 for 2012. It is the same generation. We were supposed to die then, but we lived eight extra years to die now.

end of the world

For those of you all who were in school in 2012, you all know what a rage that movie and year was. Every time one thing would go wrong and we would discuss the end of the world. The only difference is nobody agreed by the end of the world then. Now we do because the Avengers introduced us to Thanos and that man has kinda got a point.

Food for thought, what could have possibly killed a generation that has everything, even the enlightenment to accept the end of the world? Fire, water, plague, all of it came but eventually we evolved through it all. Telling you, the human race is a bitch who fights back hard. If we do not die now, maybe we will find a cure for it as we did in the 18th century and 19th-century diseases, but a mere molecule, a mere atom of a virus has swept off millions from Earth. It had to be something like this because we have a solution for every other destructive thing. Our governments invest money in preparing for destructions and war so we kind of do have some solution for it, but now all of us are here, wondering if 2012 is happening right now in 2020.

Well, we humans don't want to end human civilization this soon.

Banner Image: Centerforinquiry

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