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Girls Share There 'Embarrassing Things They Did With Their Boyfriends' & The Answers Will Crack You

Date: 2019-03-09 09:56:02

By Mansha

In a relationship, there are times when you both are mad at each other and then there are times when you both love to have ultimate fun. You both do such things, which gives you the memories for life to laugh out loud.

We asked some girls that what embarrassing things you have done with your boyfriends that have turned into the memories for a lifetime and their answers gave us shock and laughter.

Hold down your breath as you all are going to read some really funny escapades...

Girl 1:

We were hooking up in a car, outside of our campus and then some stranger caught us red handed. That was the day when I promised to myself that I am not going to do this again ever in my life.

(Oh girl, I would like to give you one advice that from the next time, try to find a place where you can find no one).


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Girl 2:

My ex called me in the morning saying "get ready we are going for a long drive" and I got so excited thinking that he might take me somewhere romantic so I wore my best dress but he ended by taking me to Vrindavan for darshan.

(We can't stop laughing girl, we pity you we seriously do but his intention was good).


Girl 3:

It was my birthday and I told him to bring a cake to the party but I least expected what came next, he came with a cake (which made me happy) but when I opened it in front of my friends, I got as red as a tomato. It was in the shape of boobs.

(Well boys will be boys but his creativity deserves applause).


Girl 4:

He took me to the hotel where we were walking near the poolside and suddenly he was on his knees. I thought he was proposing to me to which I gave him my hand thinking I will get a ring but it turned out that he had fallen down by mistake. He still laughs on me.

(You cracked us lady, poor you).


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Girl 5:

I was doing my Masters in London, it was our anniversary and he wished me on the text. So I decided to celebrate this special day alone as he was miles away from me and I got heavily drunk and was out of my complete senses. In the evening, my doorbell rang and my friends shouted, "surprise", yes he was there to surprise me but I was too drunk to recognize him that I said, "I don't know this guy".

(Poor guy, we can feel his feelings).


Girl 6:

We were doing our romantic dirty talks over landline but least we knew was his little brother was listening everything from the other line.

(We can't control our laughter thinking his little brother's reaction)


Girl 7:

He told me "no one is at home" so we were just chilling on his bed by cuddling with Netflix and that's when his mother walked in with muffins while we were easy being muffins to each other.

(We would love to know mother's reaction please).



Girl 8:

We were partying with friends and got a little drunk because of which you got carried away with the drunken romance and that's when we started talking about our kids together.

(Awww, you both have a future we can see it).


Tell us your embarrassing moments with your boyfriend's by commenting down and tag your friends who have already done these embarrassing things with their partners.


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