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Dumb Things That Only Indians Can Actually Think Of

Date: 2018-10-23 11:09:22

By TabloidXO Writers

India is an incredible country and there are a lot of things that we are extremely proud of. Our history and shared culture have a unique position of its own. We are not only aware of it but also cherish it every way possible. Maybe at times, we are dumb about it as it is beyond logic. Yes, there are a lot of dumb things that we do or practice. Here are some.

1. The dumb stereotypes are the root cause of many dumb actions.

Patriarchy is not new here. In India being a woman is harder than in many other countries. Here, for a woman to be productive, she has to give birth. Not generalizing. But yeah, this is true.

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2. Throwing more garbage over garbage as the place is already dirty.

Logic is in ICU here. They feel that they are not doing anything wrong as nobody cares about that.


3. Family status over mental wellbeing.

Jokes apart, this is a serious problem as this is one of the reasons for suicides, especially among teens. The pressure of the society and family has to die down for good.

4. Imitating what somebody else does.

This 'somebody else' usually has a higher standard of living. Our neighbours bought an Audi, let's sell our land to buy one too. Stupidity at its peak.

"Ghar Bhi Audi Mein Hi Banalo"


5. Using a fake accent.

This is especially funny and guarantees entertainment. Why should we be like foreigners when we can be ourselves gracefully. Communication should be to exchange ideas and not to showcase your fake accent.

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6. This is ridiculous.

In India, children have to put in a lot of effort to remember the names of their relatives and trust me they are infinite. No person is allowed to say that he/ she don't know a person. It's a sin.

Beta Unn Uncle Ka Naame Batao?


7. In India we worship goddesses.

It is the same country where girls are judged for their clothes and appearance. What an irony.


8. As we all know, we have a variety of color complexions in India.

Still, most of us have a dusky complexion. Even though, they are majority we judge each other by the color of our skin. White is what we seek. This is not just about India, but it prevails in India. It's high time for the change.



9. Dating is another sin in India.

How does that even work? Well, Indians don't date. They just throw huge marriage functions to celebrate the union of two strangers.

10. There is a right age to get married in India.

If you surpassed that age, you blew your chance to get married. Well, there's a concession, you might get a divorcee to marry you. Again, a death of logic.


11. You can stand on your own foot only after earning a job.

Once you do that, don't dream of doing everything yourself. You are too young and inexperienced for that. Most of us are caught in between. Maybe, we will be experienced enough at 60.

12. Love marriage is a sin in India.

You might even get beheaded, there have been cases. Marital rape is ok, but love, OMG that's wrong.
Another irony is that in India people are allowed to acquaint with their partner only after marriage.


13. Considering themselves the best.

It's egocentrism at its peak. The irony is that we chase all those international brands just to show that we are advanced and we too are fashion freaks. Bull Shit.


These some of the dumb things that Indians actually do are really annoying at times. Good luck with life. But, there's hope as a society is changing slowly. Things will change anyway.

We Hope For A Better Tomorrow. PEACE!


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