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8 Reasons Why You Need _____ To Drive On The Roads Of Delhi.

Date: 2019-03-30 13:32:41

By Mansha

PATIENCE, the answer for the above fill-up!

To drive on Delhi roads you need a hell of patience because of the way people drive? If you can drive on roads of Delhi, believe me, you can drive anywhere in the world or even on Mars. People do not give a damn about rules or regulations. "Jo Mann Karega wohi karenge" and that too with utmost confidence like "road toh mere papa ki hai". Right Delhi people? While driving on the roads one thing is sure "gaaliyan toh niklengi". So there are many reasons because of which you need utmost patience to drive in Delhi "Delhi dil walon ki".

Who cares about pedestrians?

We never wait for people to pass or sometimes pedestrian doesn't care about the cars (they will cross the roads without even thinking about cars "road toh apni hai") and people who are in the cars are not less, they will play racing with them "tu kaise niklega, main pehle niklunga".


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"Chahe left jau ya right tujhe kya matlab"
No one believes in giving indicators or if they will give, those would be always wrong. If they would want to go to right then it would be a left side indicator. We Delhi have born with this talent, no matter how hard we try to give an indicator or right side indicator it would never happen.


Don't forget potholes:

Does this happen with you or it is only me "you are talking to someone or sitting relaxed with cross legs and then suddenly {thug} suddenly your body pushes you forward or when you are driving without realizing that there is a pothole you take your car through that and {thug}" it is annoying as hell. Right guys?


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Ego problems:

"Yeh mujhse aage kaise nikal gaya, isko toh piche karunga"
We can't tolerate if someone drives faster than us, we suddenly have this urge to show him or her that we are no less. Another person in the car goes mad that "I don't even know this person and this person wants to race with me so let's go". No one wants to be less than another person, big ego problems.


How can we forget dogs, cats, and cows?

They are most stubborn creatures on roads, "horn bajate raho koi farak nahi" they will sit in the middle of the road like a boss. As a good human being, we don't want them to get killed so we try horn or other stuff like saying, "shush-shush" they won't listen so, in the end, we are the ones who have to drive a car in a manner that they won't get hurt.



The real struggle while driving on Delhi roads:

Confused? I am talking about "two wheelers" and "auto-rickshaws". They appear from anywhere and anytime. We don't even get time to notice them and "bam" beside their fault they would play the victim card and we will get blamed for that.


Traffic rules:

No one cares about "Yellow light" or I would say this term doesn't have space in their dictionary. In Yellow light where we should wait for the red or green light, we just drive faster and who cares about making rows, left side people stands on the right side and right side people would stand on the left side then they would say "traffic Kyun hai".


Parking and no parking:

We don't understand the meaning of "no parking", and still we will park on that area and say "jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai". Everything here runs from baap ka naam.


It is funny and annoying how people drive on roads but this is where our heart belongs. "TEDHA HAI PAR MERA HAI".


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