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Ditch Those High Heels, Instead, Wear Sexy Sports Shoes At The Wedding Because 'Mein Pain Kyo Sahu?'

Date: 2019-07-22 18:42:39

By TabloidXO


Once upon a time, a bride was expected to be graceful and must be shy, eyes looking down and fingers fumbling against each other, and blush splitting her face, the perfect bride and the ideal behavior. This ladylike posture is not just in how she behaves but also how she dresses up, no blacks, no dark shades, all red and pink and gold & glitter. Uncomfortable attire, exhausting hairstyle and tiring over the top makeup. Being a wife is not easy, being a bride is not easy.


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There are a lot of things that everybody criticizes about our generation, but one thing that they forget to acclaim and see amid all the criticism is that we do not operate on practicality, if something makes us unhappy, we don't do it, but we do it because,

"Warna Log Mazak Udayenge!"

If something makes us uncomfortable, we should not do it, simple as that.


Reserving our actions, not just for words and the internet, the young-millennial woman should try to keep herself as happy as she can. The young-millennial bride keeps herself as comfortable as she can. The case of ditching heavy attire, pointlessly over the top tacky looking makeup, high heels, and what not.

Who even came up with the whole idea of women wearing heels with Indian attire? Why did he/she think to be a necessary thing?


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So, earlier when Indian ethnic was the only clothing women wore, they were accustomed to it. Running in it, cooking in it, dancing in it and basically, living in it all day all time was a gigantic task, but what about the jeans wearing-shorts loving woman who retorts to Indian ethnic only on special occasions?

She is not accustomed to running, dancing or functioning with urgency in lehengas or heavy sarees. It is not the idea of the millennials of a comfortable attire, AT ALL! And the bridal ensemble looks good only in photos, the reality is tiring.


So the modern bride found herself a solution, she found a solution that was lying inside her cupboard, lying next to her door, she found shoes and she realized she does not need heels.



If her lehenga has to be a difficult duty, then she should get comfort somewhere, she should get comfort in her feet and maybe it might not make sense to you, but listen you can dance as much as you want in shoes, heck, go and dance along with your groom's baraat as well and do you think this is possible in heels? Good luck to all those trying their best not to fall with heels and lehengas.

And one more thing, I would even suggest you to tell your Mom, Taayi, Saasu Ji, and all the ladies you know,

Switch to what makes you feel good and relaxing and forget about "Log Hasenege!"


You need not to wear your PT shoes, of course; Nike lit comfy shoes will look cool, in fact, you will look like a superstar, like top-notch super cool and guess what? You can use that later also unlike gaudy-tacky high heel which gets stored where even we don't care about,

Because, high heels, you are pain!

Sponsored For Nike.


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