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Dhinchak Pooja Released Her New Song 'Naache Jab Kudi Dilli Di', Hope All The 'Dilli Kudis' Will Love It

Date: 2019-01-21 18:50:59

By Abhishek

Jiska Tumhe Tha Intezar, Vo Gaana Aaa Gya.... Aaa Gya..... Aaa Gyaa!

And let me clear it, we are not making this up, it's Dhinchak Pooja is saying this because she released her new song yesterday, "Nache Jab Kudi Dilli Di". The song is totally based on typical Dilli girls (again, we are not making this, she said it and we are just listening to her song).


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Red Red Lipstick Pe Short Dress Paawein, Mundo De Wich Popular Ho Jawein!

Okay, Aisa? Again, we are just listening to our internet sensation, guys. :-P

Let's just listen to her, what she has to say about our Dilli di kudiyan!


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Office Bhi Jaati Hai, Paani Puri Khaati Hai, Duniya Chalaati Hai, Jaha Par Bhi Jaati Hai Aag Lagati Hai...

Yes, we can proudly say the aforementioned phrase, but paani puri ka pata nahi, Dilli milte hai kya? And actually, we should say, every woman in Dilli India can do whatever she wants to achieve.


Pass Na Aati, Hai Dil Tadpaati Hai, Nakhre Dikhaake Dil Lutt Ke Jaati Hai...

Hmmm, really? Being a guy, yes that's true, kyoki mein sakht launda nahi hu!
I don't know how the song sounds (ahem) but lyrics grabbed my eye balls.


Here's the song:

So hello, Lovely Dilli Ki Kudis, here's your favorite Dhinchak Pooja dhinchak song, we hope you will like it and if not all the girls, we hope Dilli De Saare Munde will do the rest, good!


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