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Dear Desi Parents, Smiling Looking At My Mobile Does Not Mean I Am Dating, I Might Be Scrolling Memes.

Date: 2020-05-01 21:12:23

By Manveen

desi parents
Source: Hindustan Times (GettyImages)

Once upon a time, our parents hated our habit of being glued to our phones, but look at how the tables have turned. Now mothers are food blogging (sharing their recipes) and fathers are so entertained by Tik Tok. Who would have thought life would come to this one day? Parents finally understanding that we, full-grown adults are capable of scrolling through Instagram till our thumb bleeds.

However, we scroll through the most random content. It does not even matter if you like cats or dogs, you stalk the pages with cats and dogs video anyway. It does make you happy, right? Leaves that smile on your face, leave you feeling positive. Then there are photos with random art of clay and slimes and such, content meant for children, but we are so engaged every time we scroll through it. So therapeutic!

Even you know random fashion bloggers (because a friend recommended), a food blogger (because need to be updated), and even celebrities (who the fuck cares about them, though?). Point is, we scroll through random content, but you know what truly makes us happy. It is a meme page. Nothing engages us more. We are at that point of evolution in a civilization that it no longer matters to us if we relate to a meme, we enjoy it anyway. Our seventh sense has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

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We do not stop with one post, if we like one post from a page, then we have the urge to stalk the entire page and like their memes from 2017. We welcome meme nostalgia with open arms as well. What can we say, we are a loving country! As long as the memes show us documents, we might even offer them citizenship, who knows?

NRI memes, nihilist memes, dank memes, design memes, Shakespeare memes, Indian memes, any and every meme. We love them all. Perhaps if we had the same kind of approach we have for memes as we did for people, the world would be a better place. Anyway, social media clearly looks better than the real world.


But do you know who fails to understand the sheer joy of memes? Friends and family. For a minute, you will give family the benefit of doubt that they do not understand the happiness memes put forth. Their seventh sense has not evolved yet (okay boomers). But friends? What is your problem? Why you do this too. I wonder as if you don't scroll down to the memes all day without getting to see those smirky eyes of your parents! You do get to see, right, then why are you being the CID officer?


If you are not happy singles, then you would not be happy in a relationship. Happiness comes from memes, not love. :-P

And also, Parents, your kid is not that lucky in dating/relationships, so better relax while I scroll through my mobile. If you still doubt, yes, I am in a relationship with memes....Amen!


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