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Dear Boss, This Diwali Lets Make A Deal & End This Soan Papdi Parampara Forever.

Date: 2019-10-25 10:55:38

By Ratika

(Disclaimer: For the employees, this is the best article you will read today. And if in case any boss is reading, hold your heart, but YOU DO NEED TO READ THIS.)

You need to end this Soan Papdi ki Parampara.

For god sake, stop gifting us Soan Papdi again this year, Boss! We want a big bonus and not the big box of Soan Papdi, Boss.

diwali gift for employees soan papdi

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Yes, I am being candid on your face, but this is what you want from employees like me or else you would have understood our Dil ke emotions from the past years but no, you didn't.

Rishtedaar bhi Soan Papdi, Boss bhi Soan Papdi, Kya free mein dete hai kya Haldiram aur Bikano waale?

Boss imagine, your boss also gives you Soan Papdi as Diwali gift this year, how would you feel?

Ek baar ko to ayega na ki paise nahi hai saale ke paas. (sorry for such words, but feel my frustration, we have gotten since years now).

diwali gift for employees soan papdi

Or how about each employee gives you Soan Papdi ka dabba? How would you feel? And yes, you can think about us being Gareeb, because we are not getting the bonus, so we actually are Gareeb.

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Although I feel terrible to say, but I have to do it,
Boss, you love deals, right? Let's make a deal,

I know, you know, Employee-Boss does exchange gifts and you must have expectations from your subordinates to give you a nice loving gift for you and bhabhi ji. (Khud ke liye do-do gift ki expectations and settling us on Soan Papdi.)

Is it humanly good to be so much unfair? Ask from your heart.

diwali gift for employees soan papdi

Okay, coming to the deal,

For giving you a good gift, we need the money and from our salary giving you a good gift is tough impossible, so bonus would have been a good option.


From your bonus, as an employee I might gift you an Apple Airpods, or Google Home? Yeah, I am trying to lure you with these wondrous gifts because I truly love you and care for your bossy image and these gifts will impact your dashing personality.

Isn't it a good idea, both ways?

diwali gift for employees soan papdi

I pretty much hope "Abki Baar Bonus Ki Sarkar", but if it is not the case, Boss, I will pray that you get Soan Papdi from all your relatives, friends and from your employees for next 10 years.

diwali gift for employees soan papdi

All the Loving Employees (Jisse tumhari company chal rahi hai)


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