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Dear Bollywood, These Things You Should Either Correct In Bollywood Movies Or Learn From Us.

Date: 2019-09-06 11:28:48

By Manveen

No, you read it right, this time instead of letting Bollywood movies influence us, we want Bollywood to learn things from us. If anybody knows somebody in Bollywood who needs to see this, please go ahead and tag them.

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First and foremost, we want a Bollywood Hindi film to understand that if somebody is poor or is running his livelihood on a daily wage job or lives in Mumbai slums then they only have a scarce amount of resources to dispose of. If they are poor today, chances are they will wake up poor too, with the same amount of resources. It cannot be like we are crying about not having bread & butter for survival today, but tomorrow we will gather everybody and ask them to dance under a well light canopy and all sorts of decorations. Who is sponsoring it for them? They dance under the stars with the same environment, it does not transform into a set designer's gig suddenly.


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Next issue with Bollywood movies is, they indicate as if it's a simple task to impress a guy, bhai, jaan lag jaati hai and you Bollywood convey us in such a romcom way that we guys get hallucinated.

Next up is we have a major issue from the latest Bollywood movies:

Normal people celebrate their happiness with friends and family. Never in our normal middle-class lives has it happened that we were so full of energy one day that we got off the bus and convinced everybody on the road to sing and dance with us. What's crazier? Everybody knows the step. Chances of friend synching after being high in a club are rare and these are total strangers who are willing to share our joy and dance with us for no reason. Wow, Bollywood wow!


Often times we do not like our colleagues or somebody in our class and mostly we choose to ignore them. Most sane people do this atleast. Nobody goes on calling anybody "bhenji" or other names on their appearance anymore, but thanks to Bollywood movies they do so still.


Let us take out a minute and thank the social media for bringing enough awareness in our lives. We all know better than to bully anybody. So how come one girl has two girls following her without any logic or reason and help her bully others and shame everybody? Did anybody from Bollywood ever go to a real college or what? And neither any of us understand Bollywood college life and the infrastructure they use... oh ya and also, why will anybody will marry a his/her teacher? Bollywood, come to reality and don't make us live in the fantasy school where everything looks alluring.


Bollywood breathes and we can criticize it even for that. The documentation for Bollywood can run thicker than Mahabharat's. So last but not least, we will address this one issue. Where do you find parents who are so nice and loving to their kid who wakes up at 12 noon with no purpose in life? We receive flying slippers. How does your mom cry on everything Bollywood because our mom turn into Kali Maa in a nanosecond if we walk on the floor while the maid is mopping. How does your dad shower you with love and spoil you rotten and never remind you of the fees they are paying and the hardwork they went through?

Janta needs answers Bollywood for your illogical Bollywood movies!



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