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We Asked Father's 'Why They Wish For Daughters Than Sons?'

Date: 2019-02-20 20:12:00

By Mansha

Os ki boond si hoti hai betiyan,
Babul ko dard ho to roti hai betiyan,
roshan karega beta to ek kul ko, 2-2 kulon ko sawarti hai betiyan,
koi nahi hai ek dusre se kam,heera agar hai beta,
to moti hai betiyan,
kanton ki rah par yeh khud hi chalti hai, auron ke liye phool hoti hai betiyan.

Fathers have always been partial to their sons in front of their daughters, all sons would agree with me. Right guys? Daughters one wish would come true in a day and if sons want something, they have to fight for it until the end. That's the beauty of being a father to a daughter.

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I asked many fathers to be, what they want, they said daughters would be my first choice always but if it would be a son then also we would be fine. And I just thought why it's like this, what special in having a daughter that every young to be father wants to be a father to a daughter. That's when I asked five fathers, the reason behind this.

First father:

My wife is four months pregnant, whenever people ask me about son or daughter I avoid to give an answer because my answer would always be the same, a daughter and I feel if by chance it would be a son I will be unfair to him. But I feel to be a father to a daughter is way more special, they understand you like no other and love you for who you are and never complain about anything. They are the sweetest and caring.


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Second father:

Whenever I see a father with a son and a father with a daughter, it's simple no matter what's the age of a daughter she will always be the princess to him. The way she hugs him, the way she kisses him and the way she welcomes him home after his office, a son can never do those things.


Third father:

They say, "put vandon zameena, dhiyan dukh vandon diya ne". A daughter can feel your pain like no other, she will be the only when who will be standing beside you even if the whole world is against you. As a son myself, whenever I fight with my parents I simply walk off but my sister would never leave them no matter she knows how wrong they are, she will make them understand my point of view and in the end, she would be the one to make everything perfect again. I feel daughters keep the family stick to each other in every circumstances, she is the strength for siblings and pillar of the parents.



Fourth father:

I am already a father of a four-year-old daughter and now my wife is pregnant with our second child. When people tell me that now the second one would be a son, then only my family would be complete but I always want to say this but I can't that if I will be having my second child a daughter too, I will be the happiest and luckiest father ever because already I am living with one angel and after one more I will be living in the world of angels, all pink and perfect.


Fifth father:

Already I have a son and when I see my friends with their daughters I can see the love that their daughters share with them. Having a child is blessed feeling but having a girl child is like god has never been this happy before. Every day of our lives, I and my wife wish for a daughter this time, they say, sons are sons till they get their wives but daughters are daughters throughout their lives. Sons can never give the love of a daughter.


Every child is special, either it is a son or daughter. Being a parent is the most beautiful feeling but now a day having a daughter is everyone's first wish. It's amazing how people are changing and how thoughts are changing.


Yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai ...
Mitthi mitthi pyaari pyaari yeh kahaniya hai
Yeh shisthiyan gudiya rab jaane ki yeh kudiyaan
Kina jamilya naale jaaniya hai
Yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai
Mitti mitti pyaari pyaari yeh kahaniya hai...

Note: This article in any sense does not aim to hurt anyone's sentiments.

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