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For Every Daughter, Their Father Is There First Boyfriend, Love You Daddaa!

Date: 2018-09-07 10:52:24

By Mansha

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For every daughter, their fathers are their heartbeat and no one can understand a father better than daughters. From their one look, they get to know what's going on with them and that goes same for them too. They get to know what's wrong with us even by a smile, which is not our usual.


Dori yeh khinchi dori
Palne ki tune mori
Mere sapno ko jhulaya sari raat
Bhale bagiya teri chhodi
Bhale nindiyan teri chori
Bass itti si yaad tu rakhiyo meri baat
Teri laadki main
Teri laadki main
Teri laadki main chhodungi na tera haath...

Today when I am sitting and thinking about what all you did for me is priceless. From childhood, till now you have made me believe in love because when I see you I can imagine what kind of boyfriend or husband I want. The way you care for us, holding our hands tighter while crossing roads, sitting beside us all night long when we are not well and protecting us from mom's scolding. You have done that all and now when we are older and we have our own life of parties and work, you believe in us and trust us for every decision we make even though you don't sleep till we are home, you have sacrificed your sleep and whatnot for us. You handled our tantrums and mood swings better than any other man can, you love us like no other. You loved us first and you held us first and place in our hearts would be only yours, yes dad, you are and you will be my first love always and forever.


Babul moree.. babul moree...
Itni si arraj mori sun le
Teri laadki main
Rahoongi teri laadli main
Kitni bhi door tose main chahe rahoon
Zara aanch bhi jo
Kabhi mujh pe ki aati thi mohe
Bhar jaati thi ankhiyan teri jaane hai tu
Phir aisa bhi kya tera mujhse bair..
Aisa bhi kya tera mujhse bair
Kar parayi woh hai mukh liya kyun pher
Pass hi apne rakh le kuchh der
Udd jaayega paakhi hote hi saver

The way you take care of mommy when she is unwell, the way you show your love towards her by keeping karwa chauth without letting anyone know and the way you share your feelings with her without any second thoughts, because of you I know what real man is. Daddy, we may sometime fight with you but we never meant to be, we are so attracted to all the materialistic things that we forget about you and sorry about that. You forgive our mistakes in a second no matter how big that mistake was. Boyfriends and husbands can never do this, they can and will always notice our mistakes and hold us responsible. This is why we love you, daddy.


I don't miss being with someone in a romantic way because I know I have already got the best. No one can love me more than you and no one can understand me better than you. Life is complicated sometimes when I miss being with someone who can guide me but when I see you and you help me through my problems; I realize no one can help me better than you. You are my that friend with whom I can share anything and also when it comes to scolding you, I can do that well than mommy. And you listen to my every suggestion very carefully; you take me seriously and make me feel important and loved. No boyfriend can do that, he will always keep him first and all his decisions would be according to him sometimes.

So, why need a boyfriend when I have a daddy in my life. Love you daddaaa...


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