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Confessions From Our High School/College Day, & I Must Say We Were A Disaster!

Date: 2019-01-09 14:50:29

By Manveen

If you want to impose the importance of education or say things such as "school/college is meant for education" and yada yada then mate do you see that key on your keyboard that reads "ESC", yes that one right, just tap on it because high school was a fuck all place and college was not the safe haven we thought it would be. If you spent your time in science labs then we are sorry you might not be able to relate much but perhaps if you took PCB and were more keen on a practical approach then must you take a seatmate, grab yourself a drink.

If schools produce brightest minds for the nation or not is still a matter of great deliberation but if one thing that is definite is that they are the pioneered producers of rumors and the list of them follows such as:

1.) "She's dating a senior? She just wants sex"


Remember how everybody in school thought there are things beyond and better than sex and slut-shamed others? LOL.
Tinder pe DP badiya hai tumhari though.

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2.) "He is double dating"


This was one rumor that should have been announced in the morning assembly. This was what everybody waited for but the worst part of this one was that it never was accurately verified and that hurt us the most.
If you are going to give us the sauciest of all the gossip then at least let us enjoy it properly and not just you know make us look for hints here and there.

3.) "She drank at senior's Conti party"


If you studied in convent schools you know what we are talking about. Alcohol was a sin, smoking could not ever be redeemed and sex will lead you to burn in hell.

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4.) "She asked that guy out, what kind of girl does that?"


The one who believes in herself and does not let gender restrict her brains but pretty sure all those that shamed girls for not being the stereotypes they should be share all feminists quotes.

5.) "I think he is gay"


Because till the time you are in school you are to live a life of schmuck because why should you be a kind compassionate broad-minded person when you can be a conservative shaming asshole?

6.) "She reveals way too much in her DP, she wants the D"


The D she wants is a short form of "damn" that she would like to receive on your behalf and later gift it to you because you clearly do not give one about your own self and way too many about others and their lives.

7.) "He cheated on her with her best friend, guys are like that but her best friend should not have done that"


It is okay for the guy because of penis magic. May Satan feast upon the best friend, how dare she!


8.) "They both are fighting for the same guy"


From fantasies of American Pie to scripts of "Wild Things", this one was omnipotent and perhaps the kinkiest of all that there was.

9.) "He is dating her but sits with the whole group of girls in the lunchtime"


Krishna kare toh leela hum kare toh character dheela.Wow, India!

Tip: If anybody ever shamed you for any of these in school/ college and supports feminism/ gay rights/ equal rights like their birthright, ask that mother fucker for an apology first.



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