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Girls Vs Boys In College Life. Epic Situations.

Date: 2021-01-07 12:39:56

By Ratika

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Before we begin with this article, we would like to say neither we are stereotyping nor are we demeaning any group, this article is based on situations that happen on a day to day basis in college among girls and boys, we understand you and your peers might be different but this article is just a generic article.

girls vs boys

Everybody is excited to begin college but this year many people had to start their college via online classes. Yes, it is safe to do so because ultimately health is wealth. However, the rush of meeting new people in college, what your college infrastructure looks like, the thrill of the new adventures is so happening that it is sad, that these kids will be deprived of it. Nevertheless, not as sad as falling prey to Covid, so still a better deal. The thing is when you go to college you are not aware of a lot of things, you are still naive and childish and everything in life seems exciting. Some of you even have had to move to other cities and countries for college. You are so naive when you move out for the first time, the world seems so big and full of so many opportunities and this fresh perspective towards life does not happen again. After college life, you learn so much, you meet life for what it is, you are prepared for what happens later. Here are some differences between college girls versus college boys:

1. Girls are more emotional than buys:

The thought of new adventures is exciting but when you have to move away from home, girls are more emotional than boys. It has a lot to do with the fact that girls do not feel as safe anywhere else so they are constantly more vigilant once they are out. Boys are just excited to move out and be on their own.

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2. Decorative girls room vs untidy boys room:

If you visit a girls' hostel, you will see fairy lights, posters, the smell of homemade food. If you visit a boy's hostel, you come across beer bottles, dirty clothes, mess, and mess all around. There is obviously way more aesthetic involved in a girls' hostel in comparison to a boy's hostel.

3. Girls vehicle vs Boys vehicle:

Boys can't remember to fuel up their vehicle. They can drive 50 km in reserve fuel. Almost every time you will see their fuel needle will be falling next to empty and whereas in girl's car the fuel needle will be always above the half.

4. Girls on time vs boys not on time:

Be it electricity bills, phone bills, meeting with friends; girls are punctual about it and are never late, whereas boys are familiar with their timings.

5. Girls fresher's party vs boys fresher's party:

Fresher's party for girls is planning their outfits a month in advance, finding the right pair of shoes, the perfect shade of lipstick whereas, boys try to find the best deal in which there is unlimited alcohol at the cheapest rate.


6. College girls vs college boys:

College for girls involves many photo sessions, for boys it is more chilling at the local tea stall.

7. Boys bunk a lot than girls:

As excited as girls are for college they still realize the importance of education and do not bunk as much as boys. That is not shocking given the fact that women are constantly reminded how society is doing them a favor by allowing them to study, The result of which is that girls, I generally weigh more importance to their education than boys. Henceforth, girls bunk less than boys.

8. Girls and boys travel history:

Girls prefer the metro to travel because it is safe whereas boys prefer their own vehicles. For some, the whole notion of going to college meant asking their parents for a new bike or a car.

9. Girls dress up more than boys do for college.

Girls have that tendency from birth to look good and tidy whereas boys do not mind how they look. They are too reluctant to even cut their spiral notebook looking hair. Dude, don't look like a homeless guy!

10. Boys are faster than girls:

Oh sorry, boys are punctual about one thing, i.e. when they see a text from a girl. Their replying speed can be compared to electricity, whereas girls actually on purpose send the text late, the reasons are unknown, but for the answer, you must ask your girl friend.


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