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It's Not An Alien Thing When A Lady Buy Pads, & Its Time To Change Your Mentality

Date: 2018-09-19 18:35:19

By Mansha

Dusky morning with a feeling of uneasiness in the stomach that feels like someone is trying to drive a broken car within her, suddenly she feels this wind in her stomach that made her realized that her "date" is coming and she is out of her pads packets. Which made her even more uncomfortable realizing that she has to go herself to the pharmacy to get it and experiencing again all those weird eyes of men around her. The look of pity and "oh it's that time of the month again" look, every time she goes to buy her pads she feels discomfited to ask for pads which she needs as her basic needs.

After an hour, she drove to the pharmacy to buy her sanitary napkins...
Pharmacist: may I help you, mam?
Yes, I want sanitary pads (blurted the brand and size).
(After speaking, looked around her and experienced the same reactions from the men and even if men were not interested she felt like they are listening to her and mocking her)
Pharmacist: here you go mam (handed over a black polythene with double protection of newspapers).

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She went back home and realized why buying pads are such a taboo in our society, why we get the packets with extra protection and why we even feel awkward in asking for something, which is our right and basic need of survival in the difficult days of ours. Rather than to give the sanitary napkins in black polythene and trying that people should not get to know about this, it should be given as other normal medicines in the white packets with no protection and asking for it without feeling shy and uncomfortable because that is our need.


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No matter how she thinks to be more positive next time, but rather than asking for it in person she decided to take an easy road, that is, by ordering it online through e-commerce sites. She felt the same shame every time buying the pads because she felt mocked by others. What she didn't feel was that she is the part of the society who is giving rise to this taboo, maintaining that taboo which has been going on for decades. Like, not entering the Mandir (why? God has made us like this, he is the one who has decided to make us like this then why to feel shy to go to them?), not putting pickle because they feel it will taste differently (seriously? We are living in the 21st century) and now even in the 21st century, in many villages, women sleep outside in a different room far from everybody and they have been treated differently like giving her food in her room and not letting her come out till her periods get over (we have reached to the moon but we are still believing in all this, it's dull and sad).



There have been many campaigns held by government and NGOs telling people that menstruation is normal and there is nothing which is impure but people still feel shy in speaking about this openly, they speak in hush-hush tones, even asking for pad to woman next to you is like, speaking for it in her ears and when in emergency ladies would tolerate their uneasiness but they won't tell their boys friends or men around for the help. What kind of 21st century this is, talking about menstruation is a sin but peeing in open is okay, talking about sex is wrong when women speak about it but when men say that's their masculinity and desires.

Living a life of shame is wrong, not asking for our rights. So, ladies when next time you go to buy pads, buy them with pride. We are not doing something wrong, that's how this universe got started, without having periods, no one could have been born and this earth could have been vacant.


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