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10 Times When You Wish To Punch Your Brother, *FIGHT*

Date: 2019-01-12 17:21:23

By Manveen

If a relationship between two sisters is like a cheesecake then the one between a brother and a sister or a brother and brother is like a desi bakery cheesecake.Which is to say it has a hard crust, might make you cringe when you look at it but deep down still is a cheesecake that tastes good.

1.) Monopoly.

Got a brother? He always wanted to become the banker in Monopoly?
He did become the baker did he not?
I think that is what brothers are born for, Thor was born to protect his people, Thanos to destroy and brothers to become Monopoly bankers and guess what they all always cheated.


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2.) Jiska bat uski batting.

In most desi scenarios, brothers had cricket sets and sisters kitchen sets or the chances of an elder brother getting the latest bat were always most likely and which was all the reasons they thought they were better than you and never let you bat in gali cricket, your roles mainly included : bowling, fielding, sewage se ball nikalna. Biswa you were not the only one.


3.) Video games and time management.

Did you have time sequences to play video games and then it was your time the brother would hover over your head sending secret prayers that your player dies or your car crashes?


4.) Source of your low self esteem and confidence.

Wear whatever you may, style yourself as nicely as you wish to but your brother will always compare you to an animal.


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5.) The most disturbing factor to your sleep.

If you can tell us that your brother has never thrown water at you when you were sleeping or turned the lights on and fan off, we will go salute him.


6.) Life advices.

When your brother suddenly feels the need to make your life a priority, sure mate you can fail your semester but I cannot bunk one class.


7.) Phones & Passwords.

When your brother god knows how finds your phone’s password and threatens to rat all your crap out to your mom.Oh the pain!


8.) The bade bhaiya mode.

All boys around you fear your brother and hesitate to approach you.



9.) Eats your dessert.

The fact that this article began on a very cheesecake of a note, how could we possibly have missed out this part?
They ask for one bite and before you know your entire ice cream is gone.


10.) Sudden love.

Despite all this and all the other that they put you through, they are your tightest rock to bounce back at any time and have always been there for you,
This punch perhaps comes in a more teary of a condition, how you do it real-bro?




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