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15 Bollywood Songs For Girls That You Should Not Afford To Miss.

Date: 2019-07-21 10:56:47

By Priyanshi

The Indian film industry never fails to surprise us with trendy music and remixes! Taking a little of colloquial language into consideration, it hypes up more sometimes like Punjabi words in a song or Urdu language for that matter. The Indians can't do films without a sad song, a romantic song, and an item song. It's an art to make and direct songs suitable to the stories of each film, unlike Hollywood where there are plain continuous movies. Our culture and traditions are somewhat influenced by the songs these days.

We all get affected by certain songs because they make us feel something, something relatable. If you're on-go with the recent songs and a Bollywood fanatic, you must have heard almost all the top songs of this years. Music is one of the main elements of Bollywood films and the top 15 songs of this year, which specifically girls are going nuts over are listed below:

1. Bekhayali - Kabir Singh.

This song is sung by Sachet Tandon which recently got very popular, especially among the teen girls because it gave out a very indie, relatable vibe for the teenagers and their lives. I personally think of the song to be a very genuine romantic song which takes into consideration how lost one can be in love.

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2. Slow motion - Bharat.

The voice of Nakash Aziz, Shreya Goshal and Vishal-Shekhar, that trio is something. No wonder, this song is a hit! The tune is extremely catchy and chic and hence good enough to groove whenever you hear this on radio, phones or speakers!

3. Jugraafiya - Super 30.

A song by Shreya Goshal and Udit Narayan, it's a cute little lyrical song where sweet love is experienced by the actor Hrithik to his lover. I think girls will want to have their boyfriends sing this song for them!

4. Coca Cola - Luka Chuppi.

And you're already dancing. This song by Luka Chuppi got all the age groups to just play it and party crazy. The Girls went crazy over this song mainly because of Kartik Aaryan, I mean why not?

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5. Ve Maahi - Kesari.

Arijit Singh's voice is behind this song so it had to be a love song plus undoubtedly a girl's favorite! Kesar movie had lovely songs out of which this became very famous considering the genuine flow of what love meant between the actors.

6. The Jawaani song - Student of the Year 2.

Two girls and a guy dancing over this being a very famous song earlier too, why won't girls get crazy behind this? SOTY 2 has in all its forms and colors proved to be a total song killer film.

7. Kaise Hua - Kabir Singh.

Kabir Singh's songs are on every girl's playlist right now and if it's not, you're lying!

8. Chashni - Bharat.

O Meethi Meethi Chashni... The tune's too smooth to have any girl fall for it. Also, it was #Salu's movie so all the more attention.

9. Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage - Kabir Singh.

Once again Kabir Singh's song in top 15!


10. The Train Song - Gully Boy.

Not enough words to describe how this movie gave inspiration to all the girls as well as guys out there. Train Song holds so many emotions purely flowing out, it looks just so lovely.

11. First Class - Kalank.

Varun Dhawan ho aur famous na ho? The actor of the millennials can never go without making his song a significant one in the industry. He won hearts with First Class, hands down.

12. Duniya - Luka Chuppi.

Duniya sang by Akhil and Dhvani Bhanushali which set a lot of girls' hearts too. Kartik has indeed performed his magic.

13. Ghar More Pardesiya - Kalank.

Kalank didn't work a lot but the songs did so well! I mean this one was so popular amongst females, it's literally played and danced at in Sangeets by girls.

14. Apna Time Aayega - Gully Boy.

Ranveer Singh has himself sung this, what better reason to not have this in our favorites, girls?


15. Gud Naal Ishq Mitha - Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga.

Sung by Harshdeep Kaur, Navraj Hans and Rochak Koli did their magic with this song. Beautiful rhythm, beautiful lyrics, and amazing composition! Sonam was an added bonus.

That's a wrap on some beautiful songs you must listen to, considering they are 2019's top Bollywood songs..

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