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Dear Bollywood Celebs, Your Coronavirus Donation Is Not Safe?

Date: 2020-06-03 20:53:33

By Manveen

Sonu Sood has won everybody's hearts by his contributions during the lockdown. He will never be forgotten. Some might say that this is a PR stunt or he wants to build a political career, all of that is okay. Even if that is the case, we will accept it because he helped people when they needed it. So what if he gains something out of it? He at least did the needy some good which cannot be said about the government.

Yes, there are extraordinary times and nobody had dealt with a situation like this before but this one line does not absolve people of their responsibility. Many initiated a donation camps, whether private entities or government bodies, and it's good you showed the concern, but...

Do you think the funds which you donated to different organizations really care for the needful? We doubt!

First of all, going back to the past, don't you remember the scams which got unheard by our previous governments/ministers? Were they not in the name of concern? Yes, they were!

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When in India, when one group come up with an agenda of promoting one religion to divert the attention away from their shortcomings, then how can you give your money where there is no clarity or transparency with the flow of money.

What is shocking is that people believe in donations without thinking to go for a proper survey of the organization, even celebrities too. Is our dearest Bollywood that unaware?

Akshay Kumar makes all these movies of him fighting corruption; was it too difficult for him to help the needy directly? Although, his donation was novel, but how can he be sure that his money will actually be spent wisely and will go to the poor and not another businessmen/ or minister's new villas and foreign vacations?

Not just Akshay Kumar, other Bollywood celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, etc. They all had money and they donated it to the organizations. However, our main concern about writing this article is whether they asked for the full-fledged details about the inflow and outflow of cash? Do they be having control on their money which is going to be spent? Do they be allowed to get themselves involved in the full procedure of spending money to poor? Will the officials be answerable to the questions if at any time of the year they wanted to?

Yes, you cared for your fellow citizen, but will it ever reach them? Have you not read the newspapers? Why are people dying in trains? A mere 3-year-old was trying to wake his mother up on a railway station. Little did that 3 years old knew his mother died of starvation and heat on the journey. What is going to become of the child? What is going to become of all of them? The money you gave could have saved them, but sadly the money you gave will go to another statue/monument. Monuments do not feed the poor nor do they shelter them.

bollywood donation coronavirus
Source: indiatoday

Athiya Shetty is raising money in her own name and helping disabled children. Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna is donating groceries directly. Direct efforts would have made a difference.

India ranked 80th in Corruption Perception Index 2020.

bollywood donation coronavirus
Source: indiatoday

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