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Why Bollywood, Why You Never Raise Your Voice On Indian Issues Like The Way You Did For Black Live Matter?

Date: 2020-06-05 22:59:39

By Manveen

George Floyd's death has drawn everybody's attention from across the globe. As it should. What happened to him is more than evil. It is structured and taught and passed on from generation to generation. Grandparents teaching their grandchildren to hate people with dark skin. Parents calling people from a different race funny. Family and friends basking in the glory of their community and shaming everybody else on the planet.

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Oh wait, that also happens to be the case of India. Yes, COVID is happening but have we forgotten about CAA protests? Delhi riots 2020? Maybe you have but you know who has not? The person whose house was burnt and is rendered without a roof throughout the pandemic. Who else? A mother who lost her sole breadwinning son. A child who saw his father's death. Neighbours who ran for their lives together. Families who are stranded. Families who saw death not once but twice in 2020 and who knows how long will they continue to have an imminent certainty of death hanging over their heads? Don't their lives matter?

bollywood black lives matter

Hello, Bollywood?

You are using BLM (Black Lives Matter) but what happened to you when your Capital was burning? Oh, scared? You cannot afford to fight the system? Well, then you drop that hypocrisy as well and those movies of spirituality, courage, and strength because they are nothing but pure cringe.

But not just Bollywood, what about those who talk about justice? Remained silent when they attack two prestigious universities in Delhi? Attacked several students and scared thousands to the point that many ran for their lives and several dropped out of college? What happened when a man posted death threats and his plan of action on Facebook, admitted his Islamophobia and shot a student in front of the police in broad daylight? If that was not racist, then what is? If you could not care about them, then how did you bring yourself up to the hashtag BLM? Oh, is it because it is America and you loved watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

bollywood black lives matter
Source: Twitter User & TIME

Did you consider the death rate of the migrants going back home? Train accidents? There are hundreds of stories but let us share one with you. An infant was found breastfeeding from his mother's dead body. His mother died on a railway station. This is one death, then there was an auto driver who was driving his wife and son from Maharashtra to Bihar, his son got down to pee and meanwhile, a truck driver crashed into the auto murdering both the man and wife on the spot. The child is an orphan. Is his life of no value to you to hashtag?

Your country needs your support and if you are reposting protests happening in America, then you understand the vitality of social media and the pressure it builds on the government to act. Can you do it for your own countrymen as well, please?

Because we expect from you, the country expects a lot from you. We learned in our school to stand for the right and I am sure you learned it too.

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