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11 Types Of Ganesh Chaturthi Sweets That Ganesh Ji Loves To Eat.

Date: 2018-09-13 12:24:15

By Mansha

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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to celebrate the birth of Ganesh Ji, son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Celebrations go on for 10 days straight, people bring the deity home and they build a platform for people to come and pay their homage. People keep sweets in the feet of Ganesh Ji, which we call "Bhog". There are many Ganesh Chaturthi sweets which people make, and we have brought some of the names for you, which you can also try.

Here's the list of Ganesh Chaturthi Sweets:

  • Rajgira Laddu.
  • Sabudana Kheer.
  • Modak.
  • Motichoor Laddu.
  • Sooji Halwa.
  • Puran Poli.
  • Varan Bhaat.
  • Coconut Barfi.
  • Badam Halwa.
  • Peda.
  • Kaju Katli.

How to make Rajgira Laddu| Rajgiral Laddu Recipe:

Rajgira Laddu is made from amaranth seeds and jaggery syrup. The grain is a rich wellspring of iron, magnesium and Vitamin A, B and C, calcium and protein. It contains solvent fiber and unsaturated fats, which decreases cholesterol level. Those searching for healthy yet delicious sweets on Ganesh Chaturthi can enjoy Rajgira laddoos righteously. The sound and flavorful Rajgira laddoos are accessible in all basic need outlets over the city.

How to make Sabudana Kheer| Sabudana Kheer Recipe:

Sabudana Kheer is the simplest to cook and even tasty than any other special sweets. Kheer is known to be as the goodwill in our culture, every good news is celebrated by making kheer. Birth of Ganesh Ji is also a very auspicious day so many people celebrate it by making kheer and giving to other people as Prasad. Sabudana Kheer is made of sabudana, almonds and cashew nuts.

How to make Modak| Modak Recipe:

Modaks considered being as the most favorite sweet of Ganesh Ji and it's the most famous sweet at the time of the festival. Modaks comes in various flavors like Chana dal modak, rava modak, dry fruits modak, chocolate modak, and many more.

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How to make Motichoor Laddu| MOtichoor Laddu recipe:

Motichoor Laddu is everyone's favorite, it's like every time we go to the mandir we expect Laddus in return. This Laddu is made up of besan, milk, saffron strands, and cardamom strands.

How to make Sooji Halwa| Sooji Halwa recipe:

One of the snappy Indian sweet frequently made for celebrations, festivities and religious festivals. It is known by various names Sooji Halwa, sheera, rava sheera or rava Halwa. It is the same as South Indian rava kesari just without adding the kesari/saffron utilized for bringing the color. This is simple and brisk to make whenever you wish to have a sweet dish.

How to make Puran Poli| Puran Poli recipe:

Aside from modaks, Puran Poli makes for a standout amongst the most critical and prominent desserts amid the celebration. Puran Poli is a sweetbread produced using maida with a filling that incorporates chana dal, jaggery, cardamom powder and bunches of ghee. It tends to be offered as a bhog to the god and filled in as prasad to people. The incredibly scrumptious poli is the thing that you have to make next after modaks.


How to make Varan Bhaat| Varan Bhaat Recipe:

Varan means lentil curry or dal, and bhaat means steamed rice. Varan is offered to Ganesha ji. Alongside vegetable dishes including batata (potato) bhaji, beans bhaji and others. The Varan Bhaat is made with a blend of moong Dal and Drhal Dal along with curry leaves, ground coconut, and cumin seeds.

How to make Coconut Barfi| Coconut Barfi Recipe:

Arranged with ground coconut, sugar, drain and ghee, this simple-to-make Barfi formula is the ideal decision for the individuals who are first-time cooks. The expansion of yellow palatable sustenance shading makes this Barfi formula a treat for the sight and taste buds alike. Made inside a matter of 15 minutes, you can savor this Barfi formula after a healthy supper or lunch.

How to make Badam Halwa| Badam Halwa Recipe:

Prepared with Badam/Almond paste, this rich and flavorful pleasure is cooked to flawlessness in milk. They are best delighted in steaming with lumps of cut almonds.


How to make Peda| Peda Recipe:

Peda's are similar to modaks but it comes or made in one flavor that is through milk and besan. Here is the Peda Recipe:

How to make Kaju katli| Kaju Katli Recipe:

Envision the freshness of cashew while it is being powdered; a similar cashew powder is blended in a wonderful pool of rose water and sugar syrup. To build its evident exquisiteness, it is dolled up in a palatable silver foil making it more tempting than any time in recent memory.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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