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Best Witty Replies When Someone Calls You Aunty.

Date: 2020-11-03 13:37:23

By Manveen

Have you heard about "Being Indian?"
And "Being Human?"

They are popular, no? But do you know what is more popular, so much so that it is a phenomenon, but has not been branded and labeled yet, it is called "Being Aunty". Truth be told, being an aunty is inevitable; it has happened to so many before and will continue to do so. So if somebody thinks you are aging before, so be it. One day everybody will be an aunty. You cannot change your fate, mate!

But that need not mean you cannot have fun at the same time.

Here are 12 witty replies you can give to somebody who teases you by calling you "aunty":

1. Let us begin with the classic when they call you "aunty" just respond back by saying "yes uncle" or "yes aunty part two".

witty replies

2. If somebody bullies you by calling you aunty because of your appearance, then tell them to hit the playground. That is where the kids belong. Let us all act grown up!

3. If anybody calls you aunty for being inclined towards cooking, then remind them that food is the crux of our survival. What else do we have left to make ourselves happy with if not food? You do not prepare meals, you prepare happiness!

4. If you have been shamed for gossiping like an aunty, ask them to call you South-Delhi aunty. Yes girl, dang right, we just don't do it without sass!

south delhi girls

5. If you have been addressed as an aunty for grooming yourself, then tell them "shaunk badi cheez hai". (your tastes are exquisite)

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6. If somebody teased you for being "too aunty like" because you put oil in your hair. Do not respond to them with words, collect all the daily hair fall, tie a ribbon around it, and gift it to them. Action speaks louder than words.

7. If somebody calls you an aunty for wearing ethnic clothes, inform them that chikankari suits are the current Airport looks. Go hit Sara Ali Khan & Kiara Advani's airport looks and they will know!

8. If anybody has shamed you for cleaning and being too tidy, tell them you are not an aunty, in fact, they just don't have a better sense of hygiene and living standards.

witty replies

9. The next time somebody calls you an aunty for not partying enough just ask them to sponsor your drinks and dinner, that's it. Nobody will ever agree and thus the teasing will stop.


10. If anybody has ever called you an "outdated aunty" for not being inclined towards Tinder and casual hook-ups. Then just blame it on Shahrukh Khan and Yash Chopra and all those movies that have insisted us to find deeper meanings in relationships than companionship.

11. When somebody calls you an aunty for still listening to your parent's counsel and guidance, then remind them that technically aunties do not do that. If you cannot correct their character, correct their logic.

12. If somebody calls you for being an aunty when you are just being yourself then tell them to come when they are aunty too. Because why should you change your awesome self for them?

You are not aunty, you are you.


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