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Best Friends Quiz: Which Cartoon Describe You And Your BFF?

Date: 2020-10-12 17:44:15

By Ratika

Time to see which cartoon character suits you and your BFF!

What describe your friend?


Always talking shit yet entertaining



A gift you would like to give to your BFF?

Finding a partner seems to be a good gift for now

A spa voucher

World tour

Gift? Me? I don't believe in giving gifts. In fact I believe in taking.

Do you remember your best friend phone number by heart?



Ohh, I know the end 5 digits

No, even my friend does not remember mine.

Expectations from your friend?

They should always listen to me

To help me find a partner

To get me a Hermes bag pack

Literally, nothing.

Which food you would order with your best friend?

Wine and Pizza

Typical North Indian food

I will see the menu from the right side first

Whatever my friend wants to eat

How long you and your bestie are friends?

Since childhood. We grew up together

We met in college

We just met a few years back

6 months ago

Your friend has come very, very late. What will you do?

I will flood my friend with all the curse words I know

It's okay. That's my friend.

I will give a last warning.

Naa, this is not gonna happen. I am the late one actually.


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