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10 Recipes Of True And Honest Friendship

Date: 2019-01-02 16:56:43

By Mansha

Friendship, the only relationship where I guarantee you that you will never feel lonely or unwanted. Friendship is a magical bond between people who meet randomly in the long journey of life and then you complete the journey of life together. We say "we are friends" very easily when someone asks us about the people we have in our lives who are not our family but the truth is, friendship is a sacred bond too, it has deep meaning inside of it.

F- fight for you
R- respect you
I- include you
E- encourage you
N- needs you
D- deserve you

To be a true friend to someone is not everyone's cup of tea, it takes too much courage and what not. Here is the recipes of true and honest friendship...


To be in someone's heart and mind, it is very important, to be honest with them. Honesty is the best policy to start with any kind of relationship and in friendship; the most vital ingredient is "Honesty". Be honest about your thoughts, suggestions, and decisions.


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Trust is the foundation of any relationship, before doing anything or telling anything to you, it is very important that the other person has trust on you otherwise he or she would never tell you anything which is private or personal.



Sharing is tangible as well as intangible. There are numerous phases in everyone's life when things are not in control when black out appears to take over the brightness. In this phase, everyone needs a favorite person or a best friend to share his or her feelings. Sharing does not only helps to make the bond stronger but also it shows that you care about him or her in every other possible way.


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They say, behind every successful person there is a friend who has always motivated and encouraged him or her to work towards their dreams. A good friend would always believe in the dreams of his or her best friend, no matter what world would say or think, you would never let that person feel discouraged.


Be there in their sorrows:

At the times of happiness and celebrations, the whole world would come up to dance with you but the real friend is the one who would stand next to you at the time of downwards and sorrows. Be with them and make them realize that they are not alone in this phase of darkness.


Fight for them:

There are the times in everyone's life when the whole world is against you and that very moment we all crave for a person who would fight for us and let us know that we are not alone against the odds. Be that one person, hold their hands and walk with them on the fire. Don't let them burn alone in the fire of jealousy and hatred, help them to come out alive from the fire.



Be there at the time of emergency:

Emergencies never come with the invite; they would just land on your door with the warning. Be there with them at times when they would need you the most. If you say "I am there for you always" then mean it and show them in the true manner irrespective of time and day.


Respect them:

Respect is two ways; in any type of relationship, respect is important to let the other person know that you respect them as a person he or she is. Without respect, the relationship would be like of a formality where you have nothing for each other in your hearts but you see or meet each other only for the sake of it. If you want to be an important person in their lives then learn to respect first.


Learn to forgive:

Fights and arguments are healthy when it comes to a loving relationship and in friendship too - fights, disagreements, and arguments happens most of the time and to overcome that it is very important that you forgive and forget at the right time.



Too much of expectations are unhealthy:

Let the relationship breathe in its own space. Don't expect that you both will talk and meet every day, it can never happen and it never happens in any relationship.


My friends have been a solid rock in my life and I can say that they are my true friends who turned out to be my family. To be a true friend to someone it's not easy, it takes the hell of efforts from both the sides. So if you're trying to be someone's true friend then keep these things in mind and if all this while you were thinking what really is the definition of true friendship then here you have read it.

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