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After A Fight & Not Talking For Days, Me & My BFF Finally Said Sorry To Each Other 'Kyoki Nahi Raha Jata Yar'

Date: 2018-12-21 15:51:22

By Mansha

"Roses are red, violets are blue and I am confused from which leg I should kick you".


Arguments and fighting with our best friends are much wilder than the real couples. They can be more serious which can stretch for about months and months and let me tell you, making things good again with your best friend is damn difficult. They won't be happy with romantic dates or gifts, if they are mad at you then mark my words, you have to put extra-extra efforts to reconcile with them. Arguments are more tensed with them and god forbid, if you are at fault then no one can protect you from their taunts and I am warning you about how a big trouble is coming your way. Sometimes when they are hell annoyed by you they will only say "do whatever you wish like but then don't come back to me crying when you will be in a big trouble". That time you know that you are already in a trouble.


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The same sort of thing happened with me too, I had an argument with my childhood best friend who is more a sister to me than a friend. We planned this lunch date so that we can catch up for a whole day but on the same day in the morning I had to cancel it because of my last minute office work and my leave got canceled. I called her and after collecting enough guts I told her that my leave has been canceled and I have to go to my office for some urgent meeting. To this as I had imagined she burst like a volcano over the phone and I just listened to her while she was shouting at me with her loudest voice. I was calm until she pressed charges against me that it is me because of whom we haven't met in weeks. That's when I lost my calm and in defense, I started making same charges on her, which was very bad as an end result. We ended up disconnecting the call on each other's faces without uttering a "bye". Prior to that, I didn't call her and neither she called me that day.


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For two days we were cold with each other, we were not sending good morning and good night messages and we were not replying in our group chats, which gave the sign to everyone of world war between us both (to which they are used to now). We fight very often with each other but this time I felt bad that she feels I am the one who doesn't want to meet her even though she knows that she is the only best thing that has ever happened to me and when I was thinking this I realized might be she is thinking the same as me. I picked up my phone and sent her a cold "Hi" because when we are normal I send her "hiiiii", so for her, it is clear that this type of "hi" is not normal. She replied me within a minute saying "sorry with a crying emoji", I smiled my best smile because I hate it when she is not calling me in every hour just to irritate me, I hate it when her name is not on the top of my WhatsApp list and I hate it even more when she doesn't call me before sleeping. This is how we said "I love you" again to each other.



People say we should marry each other because we love us in the same way and we fight too in a very similar way but we say, our husbands would be best friends too as we are because this is what we will expect from them.



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