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Dear Best Friend, Please Help Me Make My Crush Your Loving Brother-in-law

Date: 2019-07-01 14:12:49

By Mansha

You have always been my constant support, whenever I feel stuck or actually get stuck in some major trouble, you always pull me back and keep protecting me like being your own soul. Since our childhood days, you have been standing by my side like a castle of rock who protected me from every storm or bad weather and also, been my half support system just like those real couples (yes, we girls too feel possessive about each other).

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So, as I have said a lot good things about you and you must be flying high in the sky, now come down, because, this time I am giving you the greatest mission,

The mission of making my crush your brother in law and my future hubby.

Now that you know what all homework, I have assigned to you. Make a list of your ideas about how you can convince him, so that he can start build feelings towards me.


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Remember, you told me once, "I will be always there for you, you just need to shout my name". So, this is the time to prove your friendship. I am shouting your name at the highest peak, I want you to be my Vicky Kaushal from URI, in the way he fought for us Indians to save our Dharti Maa, just like him you have to be supportive and need to find some ways to let me have him because "Pyarr se badhkar kuch nahi."


You won't believe how mad I am right now for him, I can't stop thinking about him and even in my dreams, he is showering his magical aura. I get to see him hugging me and wishing me a good morning and good night.


See, how badly I want you. I am stuck with his thoughts 24*7; I can't see me without him. You need to help me to get him, so that I can tell him how much I like him or maybe, I love him. It looks I have stuck in the middle of the traffic jam where I can't go back and can't go further, my mind is jammed with his thoughts which is not allowing any other thoughts to arrive.


Do you remember, I helped you to get yours? Ya, I hope you do... and now it's your turn to gift me my share of happiness by helping me get mine. I promise, your place in my life will always be permanent in my 2BHK heart, where no one will be allowed to even rent out a small space (one for you and another for my guy). You were and always will be my first love; the part of my heart will always be with you. I promise my baby love...

So my sister, How's the Josh? How's the Josh? How's the Josh?


I am expecting your answer to be, "high sister...high sister...high sister."

With much love,
Your friend who is lost Af...


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