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Bengali Friend? 11 Things Which You Will Relate To.

Date: 2020-10-07 12:39:04

By Ratika

From their never ending love for their friends to living life to the fullest, Bengali's friendship is you should crave for.

If you are already a friend with a Bong then your life is going superbly and you definitely will relate to every bit of our information which we have listed below:

1. Don't say bad about Sourav Ganguly.

Don't say anything bad about the God of the Offside - Sourav Ganguly, else they will show you your real place.


2. The master of debates.

Debate? Dude, they are champions in Debating. You take on any topic and see how they will show you what wrong you did.

3. They can eat fish 24*7.

Bengalis all-time favourite Fish and steamed rice is like Sarson Ka Saagh and Makki Ki Roti from Punjab.

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4. May give tough competition to Shah & Modi.

Almost all Bengali's are very good at communication skills & managerial skills. They can give tough competition to Modi and Shah if they ever plan to run for such a prestigious post.

bengali friend

5. 'Rasogolla' and 'Mishti Doi'.

Firstly, it's their love, secondly, no doubt they believe in sharing & caring, but only when there is a box full of Rosogulla; however, if you see a piece, just don't even dare to put an eye on it.

6. 'A' = 'O'.

Anything or everything that starts with an 'A' or has one in the middle becomes 'O' automatically. For example: 'Abhinav' is 'Obhinav'. Well, isn't their mistakes look cute too?

yeh dosti hum nahi todenge

7. The Saree love.

After Rosogula, their second love is Saree. If you are a girl, then you know it already that how good they are at draping a saree.


8. Bengali friend = News Channel.

They are your portable NDTV, BBC News, and other media channels because they will never let you stay unaware of what's happening in the world.

9. Friendship goals? Learn from a Bengali.

Your Bengali friend has a heart that is as big as her whole Bengali community (and that's pretty big). Bengalis are rare, more loyal, loving, and also, committed to making their friends knowledgeable.


10. The master of tips and hacks.

You make your T-shirt dirty, your Bengali friend knows how to quickly clean it,
You got a burn; toothpaste is already in your home, if not Burnol. Your Bengali friend is the walking problem solver for all your worries.

11. Bengali's are grammar Nazi.

Many of them have the ability to publish an Oxford Dictionary, or even can compete with The Shashi Tharoor's English. They can be a good crime partner if you need to impress your crush over text.

You are lucky if you have a bong friend.


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