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Are You Atmanirbhar? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

Date: 2020-05-17 16:28:42

By TabloidXO

Kya aap Modi Ji se prerna lekar Atmanirbhar banoge?

After Modi Ji's speech, a lot of Indians are doing prayers over how to become Atmanirbhar. While to get you off doubt free we got you this quiz to check whether you attain Atmanirbharta requirement or not.

Ques 1: Do you take your own decisions or you take help from people around to suggest you?

Yes, I take my own decisions

No, I can't take my own decisions

I don't want to answer.

Ques 2: What would you choose?



In a relationship

Ques 3: Can you live without Netflix, Ludo King, Amazon Prime, basically, without the INTERNET?




Ques 4: Pick one:

Do Ghoont pila de sathiya

Cigarette ke dhuye ka challa banake

Hum hai bhole bhaale log, humein nahi hai kisi cheez ka moh

Ques 5: After boiling water do you feel Atmanirbhar?

Yes, feels much better

No, it's just a water boiling act yaa

Mein Chai banaane tak agaya/agayi hoon

Ques 6: Pick one answer for your next interview question:

O mujhe chod kar badha pachtaoge

Sir, hire me! Mein Atmanirbhar hoon

Sir, ap apni naukri rakh lijiye mein apna attitude rakh leta hoon

Ques 7: Did you Google the meaning of 'Atmanirbhar'?



Ya, but Google responded me with "Atmanirbhar ban BSDK"

Ques 8: Do you use auto-correct option in your mobile for texting?




Ques 9: Do you miss going to Gym, Spa, or Salon?




Ques 10: Did you learned to cook during lockdown period?



Haan, Thoda Bhoot


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