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Being The Millennial, My Advice Is, You Yourself Look For Your Life Partner Because Arranged Marriage Is Tough

Date: 2019-07-08 11:35:21

By Mansha

What do we need in the process of arranged marriage?

The answer is PATIENCE. In which future generations are lacking behind, even toddlers can't listen to wait or no words by their parents because they wanted everything at the time they ask for. They can't wait for the right time and in terms of arranged marriage, the process is never-ending.

Nothing happens overnight, it demands time and sometimes, one proposal can go till months to reach into its final destination and if we talk about taking a decision on the spot, future generations can't do that as they demand time to take every decision.

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Arranged marriages involve endless profiles, quick decisions and many planned meetings by your parents. Being in my middle twenties, I would say, my generation would be the last one to go for marriages by this process because I have learned one thing, it is difficult to go through profiles and still getting nowhere because of many reasons like kundli match, inquiries not up to the mark or simply, people don't feel that click and that's where rejection comes, it affects the confidence level of an individual.


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It's been a few months since I am looking for my life partner but sadly; I am still standing there where I was a few months' back. Still at ground zero and I have no idea, what God has written in my destiny. Scary feelings of what if I remain single till my thirties, or what if I did not find that right person? It takes away peace of my mind, but I try to think of positive situations that can happen in my future and I hope everything go well later.


Thinking about future generations, it looks next to impossible if they can take such pressures on their minds and if their patience level would be this much good as this process has no time limit. It all depends on destiny.

The new generation wants everything on their plate ready and fully cooked but in arranged marriages; you have to work hard and think practically before taking the decision of spending life with someone as not only two people are involved but also two families are.



As a millennial and well wisher of the new and upcoming generation, I would like to tell them, "Choose a life partner by your own" because you all won't be able to handle all the pressure and mess. Rejection tears you from the inside and the feeling of not meeting the right one even after your best efforts are hurtful and disappointing.


No matter how many months or years you take to find true love by your own efforts, but do find it on your own without letting families involve because you won't be able to handle the mess of arranged marriages.


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