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Animal Species Are Attacking Humans. 2020 Says So!

Date: 2020-05-07 13:13:33

By Manveen

History, war crimes, genocide and 2020!
Do you ever stop to think and consider evolution?

How did evolution begin? Perhaps science and sociology can answer that, but the real question lies with the fact, have we evolved in every aspect?
Think about it, has our basic urge to take down anybody who comes in our own way gone down? Have we stopped murder? Have we stopped fighting each other?

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Long ago in a kingdom on Earth, one random early man was trying to light a fire by rubbing stones together. He discovered something and shared it with his peers and thus, our journey of growth, development, and evolution began. Now we are here in 2020, with drones, digital world, and everything at the tap of a button. Well, if that one random early man could look at us now, he would be so happy and proud.

Indeed, we have come far, but have we grown along the way?

After World War 1, the Armenians suffered genocide. Men, women, and children were stripped naked and forced to march towards the desert until the time they died. If they stopped to rest, they were shot dead. World War 2 witnessed the holocaust; perhaps even god was not willing to visit Austria. The Nazi's frightened god as well. Then the third world began, but have we really been at peace? What is happening in Syria? What about Pulwama? What about Kashmir? What about the attack on Muslims during the Delhi riots? What about the attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan? These are the cases closer to home whence we discuss them. Every area is full of them. These are the ones covered, so many of them go unreported.

animal speicies attacking humans

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Then there are threats against women, child abuse, human trafficking, slavery, murder, and all the other things we do in the name of survival. Oh, let us not forget animals, they do not have a voice, but we have to think about them as well. Netflix made a show called Zoo, it basically shows that all animal species have evolved and understood that it is humans who are running the ecosystem and now every specie from bats to bulls, lions to cows, have come together and are attacking humans. Humans begin to face extinction in the series.

If you spare a thought, if we could evolve, then why cannot they? What if they actually realize it and come for all of us? A virus has rendered us disabled, imagine the massacre the entire animal kingdom is capable of unleashing on us. We won't even stand a chance.

animal speicies attacking humans


We have to understand that not everything is for us, this is not for one state, country, or part of the world but pan Earth. We think we have grown up and are living in a better world with bodies like UNO and etc, but we all know what they are worth. Sure, they come to our aid, but they are also puppets in the hands of bigger countries such as America and China. All these bodies are created by them and fail to prevent war. Pulwama serves as the right example to prove how war can start so easily, we cannot go back.

To be honest, our history was bad. The entire world's, yes, they built the palace and gave us art, but the poor suffered so much, the iCloud would not even be able to store the data of the injustice they faced if tabulated. Our history is glorified for us to overlook the tyranny and crimes. If we have truly evolved, we would put an end to it. Or at least hope to.


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