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Due To The Age Gap, Our Families Said 'NO', But God Has Planned Something Else...

Date: 2018-11-10 12:48:49

By Mansha

My love story is pretty simple, I saw him and he saw me and we were already in love, there were no extra efforts made from us but wait, every love story is not only about a guy and a girl. There are other obstacles too and in our case, it was our families. Confused? Keep reading on...


It was a stormy day and entirely late for my conference, which was occurring at one of the Delhi's five-star inns, I was in the surge and entered in a frenzy mode. Sat at the corner seat with some person, he turned towards me and stated, "You might want some water", I turned towards him and stated, "no, thank you" with an honest to goodness grin. Truly, that was our first meeting and after the meeting, we ate together at the venue, at the time of leaving this man effectively infatuated me and he requested my number. That is how we began this new adventure of love.


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By the third meeting we were already in a healthy and loving relationship and I got to know in those meetings that he is two years younger to me but this never affected me in any manner though he always turned to me for every suggestion and he obeyed all my suggestions respectfully without letting his ego come in between. Even I turned to him whenever I wanted some suggestion in his viewpoint. Everything was going smooth and perfect, like this we spent one year whole with each other in love, more than the love we had understanding and trust. He understood me like no other, he never let me feel that I am older than him or he has some kind of problem with that. He always listened to me patiently and tentatively and on the other side I never let him feel that he is younger, I had always given him respect and love, which he deserved.


Till one day we decided to take this relationship one step forward, yes, we decided to tie the knot. In that one year, we got so comfortable with each other and madly in love with each other that it became difficult for us to live apart, we desperately wanted to be together under one roof. We decided to tell our parents but one thing was bothering us that age can be the problem, maybe they would raise their voice against this age gap being he younger than me or me being older than him. So we decided to tell them first about us and hiding this age thing from them, we decided to tell them about this once they make our relationship official.

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In a few days after gathering a lot of guts, we decided to tell them and we told them about us but the age gap was still under the covers. Things were going as we expected and our fathers spoke to each other on a call about how things should be but as they say "lie can't be always under the covers", after all the positive response they got to know from somewhere else that I am older than him.


As we expected things happened that way only, my father instantly said no and his mother started crying, said "later on she will behave with you like a trash" and this line broke my heart. After fighting for almost a month we lost all our hopes, we decided to mutually draw apart in good terms. I still remember those days were like a hell to me, my tears were dry at some point because my eyes were swollen and soon we decided to meet just to say a final "good-bye" to each other but as they say "in front of true love, god too lower his head".



He called me crying, "my parents are happy with our relationship and he wants to come to your house to convince your parents". For a minute I was shocked, I was in deep thinking that how suddenly they changed their mind? How suddenly they wanted me as their daughter-in-law? And soon they arrived at my place to make everything perfect. While they were talking we were sitting in other room with our siblings and our heartbeats were beating at the par. When I listened him speaking that how he changed his mind I was in tears, I just wanted to go to him and hug him tightly.


His father said,

"Months have been passed but the power of their love has melted our hearts, I realized, what will we do if in grief if they try to take some drastic step that can ruin our lives or what if we get them married to someone but they would never be happy with them, that will be the cheating for the other person who would be getting married to them, what will we do if one of them try to run away from all of this. What if in the race of maintaining our prestige in society we will lose our children, the only thing which we want is the happiness of our son and we are sure you want the same for your daughter also". This conversation bought tears in everybody's eyes and soon, we listened to my father saying "toh baat pakki". That time I have realized one thing no matter what, true love always finds its own way and god will help you if you have true feelings in your heart.


Today after three years of our marriage we still look back and thank god every day for giving us what is ours.

Age is just the number: it has nothing to do with maturity or anything. The only thing, which is important in a relationship, is "love, understanding, and trust" rest is all secondary.

~ Anonymous


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