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9 Things Which You Should Never Expect From Your Boyfriend/Husband

Date: 2018-12-19 15:13:34

By Manveen

Chivalry, holding outdoors, pulling out chairs, making way first but women when you all are asking for equality and quoting statements such as "women are equal as men" then why should men have to be obliged to treat you in a sissy manner?

Hold out your doors, pull out your chairs, make him see your power and do not expect things from your boyfriend or husband that are just pointless.

1.) Do not make them pay for you if they pay now you will pay for it later.

When you let your boyfriend pay for you or make him then you put him in a place of authority over you, providing him with a sense of entitlement. Which will eventually make him think himself superior above you leading to dominating you and besides when you are fighting for equal pay, receiving equal pay then shell out your own cash mate.


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2.) Wait for you.

Concepts such as "playing hard to get" and all that happen in movies only and they are the only platforms where all this works out for good. Guys are the same beings such as you and time is money to us all and to waste it pointlessly for anybody despite how dear you must be to them but to have somebody waste time on you is against the ethical code. Respect the other person and be on time.


3.) Drive your places.

"Driving crazy", have heard of this phrase?
Well your partner is not your driver and Uber and Ola both are super convenient to book so why do you want somebody else to drive you everywhere?
They also have other important things to do for themselves.


4.) Dress according to you.

If he would give you fashion tips then you are not really going to listen to him now are you?
He might not be the biggest fashionista, which is completely okay. You liked him first and are not with him because of his style game. Do not impose your opinions on him, please.


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5.) Eat according to you.

On a similar note, to be a vegan or consume organic products is entirely your choice and must you live and let live too. Eat all the green you want and let him what he wants. Food constitutes a major part of your day so if you make this an issue then you are going to be fighting every day.


6.) Go everywhere you want to go.

You like different places and as does he and maybe for you sometimes he puts in extra effort and accompanies you but when he did that, he did that out of his own sheer will which is why he did not hate you for it but if you will make him do all this for you forcefully that is just going to be the siren before a wildfire.



7.) Like your friends.

Just because he likes you does not mean he will like your friend circle as well. Which is very normal for one person to not get along with another person, people are different and as they are opinions.


8.) Make him distance himself from his friends.

If he does not like some of your friends then maybe you also do not approve of some of his guy pals but they still are his pals and he likes to hang out with them. It makes him happy, you should not try to take this away.


9.) Take jokes on him without any hurt.

Most guys are a sport when it comes to humour but perhaps that is not what he wants from his girlfriend or wife to ridicule him in front of his peers as they all chide him, this can be very insulting and embarrassing so what may be funny in person might not be so much in an audience.


Hope this gives you a perspective and might keep your relationship boat float.


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