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Girls Who Wear High Heels Will Relate To These 9 Things.

Date: 2020-11-18 10:08:01

By Manveen

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There are girls who wear shoes to clubs and there are girls who run on Metro station platforms in six-inch high heels. Well, to be frank, we think both the parties are amazing, but if you fall under the former category, we will inform you first hand that nothing relatable will come to you from this article. You would not be able to understand the pain, dedication, and sheer love for high heels. As for the ones who love high heels with friends who love high heels, you guys can have your kitty-party here.

Here are 9 things girls who wear high heels will relate to:

1. Indian roads.

If you are an Indian girl who loves to wear high heels we feel so sorry for you. Our government has no regard for your well being at all. Nobody understands the horror of high heels on Indian roads better than girls wearing high heels. What adds more to the misery? Rainy days!

2. Shoe bites are a part of your life.

So it would happen that you would have taken your shoes off and people get startled and ask you why you have so many bruises on your feet. Well, that is a hickey you get from your real love, high heels. Not meant for all, this love is exclusive.

high heels girls
Source: nbcnews

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3. You do not just enter, you make an entrance.

You love high heels for good reason, it is not just another accessory you carry. High heels are an attitude. When you enter with those six inches substituting your real height you make all the heads turn. For good, for bad but the heads do turn now, don't they?

4. Fabulousness over comfort any day.

Often other girls make you aware of the health hazards high heels pose but when was the last time you gave a damn about it? Oh, never! You would rather wear heels and be uncomfortable than wear flats and be comfortable. No, that obviously makes no sense but love is love.

high heels fashion

5. Staircases.

Indian roads one, staircases and slippery floors another. Life clearly is not fair to you. Nobody understands your sorrow, nobody sympathizes with you. Feminists, why are we not doing something against staircases and slippery floors? They are taking our love for high heels down too.

6. The days when you are running late.

Imagine you woke up late on a very hectic morning and cannot get a cab and have to retort to public transportation. Why god? Why would you do this? Anne Hathway looked dapper running around New York City in high heels running errands but nobody asked her how she felt. So we will answer for her, behind those big smiles was a girl crying of feet pain that none of you saw but we did. We feel for you sister!

high heels girls
Source: hellomagazine


7. But you carry a pair of flat footwear in your bag too.

Now coming to a life hack that we do not openly acknowledge but live by it. When the staircase comes you switch to the flat footwear, when there is no staircase you go back to high heels. It is double dating with high heels and flats.

8. You can rock any outfit.

High heels can make pyjamas look hot so even if you head out in jeans and a t-shirt you are pulling off a Victoria Beckham, like a real queen. Queens do not care about their crowns alone but their heels too, babe.

high heels girls
Source: unsplash

9. Walking to strutting in a nanosecond.

Other people simply walk from point A to point B, you imagine a Milan fashion Week runway and begin your walk. Next time you can add earphones and complete the mood as well. Thank us later!

high heels girls


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