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9 Things Girls Look For In Guys More Than Looks

Date: 2018-11-19 18:25:42

By Ritika

"Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart"

Often guys think that looking good or working out in the gym to get those Ranveer Singh abs is going to get them girls, but boy, even that 500 rupees haircut isn't all that girls care about. Looks can definitely leave the first impression, but it ain't the last one because, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

Girls look for a lot more in guys than looks so if you're a guy who is feeling like there's no hope or a girl who can relate to this, read on:

1. Intelligence


We just cannot help but fall for guys who are knowledgeable and wise. It doesn't necessarily have to be academic intelligence but just generally being aware about the surroundings goes a longgg way.

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2. Being playful and excited about life


Women are very moody and can stress about the smallest of things. So, when a guy comes around who can brighten up our mood with something very cute and life doesn't seem difficult anymore!

3. Ambitions


A guy who does not fear setting goals for himself, even if they seem unachievable at this point is so attractive. We would prefer a guy who wants to be something in life and is ready to work hard for it over someone who is always up for drinking and free all the time.

4. A well-mannered guy


Someone who knows how to live, sleep, keep himself intact. To see such a guy not at ease is the cutest thing in the world. Scratching his head when he's confused and knowing not to shout can honestly bring tears to our eyes.

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5. Someone who respects his family


Sure, make time for me! But never forget to respect your family first because I might also be that one day. A guy who makes time for his family, cares and respects for them is a complete sweetheart and can take our hearts away any day.

6. A guy who owns up to his feelings


Guys' feeling game is definitely not as strong. So when a guy owns up to his feelings, is crystal clear about them and not afraid to express them, we see the confidence in them and it is amazing.

7. Kindness


We don't say it a lot but we do notice, a bit too much. So, when you're being kind and giving that homeless person food, we notice. When you're helping your grandma do chores, we notice When you're being mean and making fun of the kid, we are still noticing. Kindness goes a long way, not only in relationships but everywhere else too!

8. Humbleness


Does he show off the new car his dad bought? Does he shout at that waiter when his t-shirt is spoiled because of the coffee? Does he keep announcing that new thing he did? We'd rather like someone who we're proud to show off than someone who shows off himself.


9. Caring


A caring guy drops more "awwwws" than any other thing in the world. Even the smallest gestures like holding our hand while crossing the road or getting ginger tea for us when we are sneezing our way through life can mean a lot to us.

If you're still thinking whether she's into you or not, SHE ACTUALLY MIGHT BE! That perfect partition of hair might not be able to do the magic that a good heart can do.


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