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9 Things A Bride Should Not Forget During Her Marriage.

Date: 2018-12-14 13:16:37

By Manveen

We know, you know, the preparation for marriage can never be completed, there will always be something which is left. To surpass the fuss, we have got you 9 things which you should do at your wedding,

Kyunki dost shaadi baar baar nahi hoti.

Well baar baar bhi karni hai toh that is totally up to you but how so ever you do it, do it right, be it the first time or the 7th. Live up to how sassy you are!

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1.) Pre-wedding photo shoot:

Parks and castles are overrated, get yourself not only a good photographer but also a creative art director. Build yourself theme and pick a location and get a shoot. This is going to be with you for a lifetime, make it worth it.


2.) Date with the would-be husband:

Maybe you have dated him for a while and have everybody else's approval also now but just for the old time's sake, go out on a date without telling anybody. How about you redo the first date you had for memory's sake?


3.) Girls night and also day:

A night is not enough time for all the support you have had all these years. Ask yourself if it was not for your girlies then would you have been where you are now?

No right then dedicate one full day to them.


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4.) Spend time with the in-laws:

These people will be a part of your future to come and maybe you do not know them as you should. Sure you would have spent time but mostly in a formal context, take time out for them and communicate. Every relationship functions well with efficient communication.


5.) Confirm the MUA:

See this is a priority now!

If the makeup artist is a newbie in town or does not get you then you do realize you will look like a fuck all on your main day?

Don't risk it, get trials before you fix one.


6.) Pamper yourself:

This should be another priority, with all the rush hush happening take time out and pamper yourself with a nice spa, not only will you look fresh as a daisy but will be in a fresher state of mind as well.


7.) Do not blow the budget:

So it's okay that it is your wedding and all but you also have a life after that, right?
Do not go overboard and then bankrupt. Make a budget, set lines.



8.) Get beauty sleep:

Let others dance and sing extra before your wedding night, take a good sleep that wakes you up fresh for the day to come's shenanigans.


9.) Enjoy:

Maybe you might not get married again so try making the most out of it, go two-three shots of vodka down and dance at your wedding, eat extra cake, after all, you are paying for that.


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