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9 Epic Reasons Why You Need A Jugaadu Friend.

Date: 2021-02-25 13:49:27

By Manveen

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Fitness enthusiasts run on treadmills, runners run on their tracks. Thieves run on the streets and we Indians, we run on jugaad. To put it out clearly, if it was not for jugaad-unconventional use of a conventional product or service, India would cease to be, and if you do not have the jugaad trait in you then you should simply hang around with somebody else who does, as simple as that.

Here are 9 reasons why you should have at least a bunch of jugaadu friends:

1. Money honey.

If you are short on cash, they will loan it to you. If they are low on cash, somebody else will loan it to them. They keep doors and options open in life as much as they can. If nobody can loan them money, then somebody else will, no is never an answer they listen to.


2. Plan A to Plan Z.

Say that your plan A did not turn out fruitful and then you retorted to plan B, but that was an epic fail too but you were prepared for it with a plan C and if that fails then it is not the plan but you who is an epic fail but you did one thing right in life and had a jugaadu friend, who will have plan A to Z and the whole wide dictionary.


3. Fun, pun, and gun.

Sourcing around for unconventional functionality is fun, agreed and the puns are inevitable but often the fun and pun can lead you to the gun, metaphorically as in just some trouble but then what's life without crazy stories to tell on Friday in the club?


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4. Reliability.

They got your back, but it is their true inherent talent of jugaad that actually has got your heart. Come what may, tanks, missiles, nuclear but so long as you have your jugaadu friend, you are all set.


5. Cool arrangements.

Their jugaad has taught them much and they do not shy away from displaying their knowledge. Say the cop pulled a speeding challan on you, they will handle it. Say you need to murder somebody, they will arrange for it and also for the cremation ceremonies of that person as well. Ask whatever you want, they will arrange it and in a much quirkier fashion.


6. Cop issues, over and out.

Just as we said above, calling your dad from jail is an awkward conversation and only the jugaadu friend can save you from that so keep your jugaadu friend close.


7. It's a free world.

Not only do they arrange for everything but at a cheaper rate or even for free; free booze, free entry, free visa, free immigration, free deportment, anything just asks for it.


8. It's magic.

No matter what you are stuck up with, they will always have not just one but multiple solutions for your problems. You can have ninety-nine problems but your friend will have nine hundred ninety-nine solutions.


9. If they are not present, even then it's magic, it's magic.

Again, no matter what you are stuck up with, they will help you and even if they are not present there at that time, well, they will find a way to be present there then, as simple as that.


Go and get yourself a jugaadu friend.


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