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9 Reasons Why Partners Cheat In A Relationship.

Date: 2019-07-05 10:06:07

By Mansha

In today's era, we all must have listened to the word "infidelity" more often than a comparison of our parents and grandparent's era. Our generation has taken this issue very lightly like, "there is nothing new in this". When we listen, someone cheated on his or her partner, it doesn't shock us anymore because it is so normal, like, eating or sleeping.

Being cheated and cheating someone is the most hurtful thing people can experience because, they said, love is life and when that love takes the U-turn, life gets imbalanced and everything seems to be colorless.

Reasons, why people cheat on their partners:


People get bored of their usual life of work and family because of which, they crave for something new and in this craving, they cheat on their partners as a way of "it will be only one day thing" but it can never be a one day thing, once the mistake has done, it can't be erased.


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Lack of communication:

In every relationship, communication is must for emotional and physical desires, if a person is dealing with lack of communication, they tend to go out to have that communication with someone who would listen to him or her. Communication is a two-way street and if any relationship is going through one way, then the chances are that the wall of trust will fall.


Lack of intimacy:

When people start feeling that the spark has gone, they try to find it somewhere else with someone new. So, it is very essential to maintain the spark throughout life as infidelity just takes one second to finish everything.



People out of anger and frustration takes the step of breaking the trust of their partner. Every relationship has tons of arguments and fights, but if that doesn't end at a particular time, the anger can take the shape of cheating.


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Personal space:

When a person experiences a lack of personal space because of which, they feel suffocated in that relationship, they try to find comfort with someone else. Every relationship demands space to breathe so that they feel the importance of each other in their lives.


Not fully satisfied:

There is a say, "wants and desires are never enough, and wishes can never end". Some people are not happy in their relationships because they think, they deserve better. In this doubt, they take this drastic step of ruining their relationship.


Love disappears:

Deep inside, some people have already finished the relationship in their heart and mind, but they don't have the courage to tell this truth to their partners, so, in the process of protecting them from getting hurt, they cheat on them and try to keep both the options open.



They feel ignored:

This happens mainly because of the partner's ignorance and rudeness. Some partners take them for granted and in this ignorance, they tend to develop a better relationship with someone else.


Absence of the partner:

This happens because of the absence of their partner as they are traveling too often or too busy in their professional lives. For a healthy and secure relationship, it is important to maintain the balance between personal and professional lives, otherwise, we all are aware of the term "infidelity".


Hurting someone's feelings and breaking the trust, is the worst sin a person can commit. So, rather than breaking the relationship, try to bring trust and spark back as there is nothing impossible if the love is true.


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