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8 Things A Women Can Do To Hurt A Man's Ego.

Date: 2019-03-27 19:10:59

By Eza

Now, we all know the famous quote that "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" and most of us have also sung to the 'Hum Tum' song 'Isiliye ladkiyan ladkon si nahi hoti'. We all also hooted for our respective gender representative when Rahul and Anjali got into a basketball match fight in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. The point is that the difference and competition between these two genders are very prominent. It begins sometime when your teacher starts a game which is supposed to be boys versus girls and never really ends after that.

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But there are such times in these games when a woman can surely get the upper hand by going straight for the man's ego and slam dunking on it, just like Anjali crushed all of Rahul's hopes when she made that basketball goal. Now, a point to note here, a man's ego and a man's confidence are two different things. To avoid any misunderstandings with the article, know that while confidence is good and admirable quality but ego is like a sock that you have worn for too long which even makes your feet stink even after you have taken it off.

Here are things that a woman can do to hurt a man's ego-

1. It's really simple. Just acknowledge the ego and it automatically inflates. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the show after that.

2. I know it's weird, but a man's ego also deflates if you pity them or offer them help. You see, it's a form of condescending for them.

3. Correct them. That's it, very simple and effective. If they ever present a fact wrong or can't remember it, just correct them in a calm voice. The widening of the eyes will show you the broken pieces.

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4. Interrupt him when he talks too much about himself. Now, self-esteem and self-obsession are two different things. Speaking how you don't give a flying f—k may do him good in the long run.

5. Compliment other men in his presence. If he has an ego, it will be like shoving vanilla extract down his throat for him.

6. Just try and comment on their body and you will find out that girls aren't the only one with body issues. Their ego will probably drive them to a passive aggressive and excessively defensive behavior.

7. Anything remotely threatening their idea of toxic masculinity. "So, your girlfriend earns more than you, right?" and see them silently combust.


8. Just ignore them. Pay no mind to them and see how badly it affects them.

Now just to clarify once again, this article doesn't try and generalize all men but is, in particular, referring to men with an immense ego which is probably a consequence of their internalization of toxic masculinity. We get it and understand that 'not all men' are the same.


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