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8 Ways To Make Your Best Friend Smile If She Is Going Through A Breakup

Date: 2019-01-31 21:31:55

By Manveen

The sun sets and rises fine for others, but when your best friend is sad, it does not feel like the sun rises for you either. The day looks dark and night feels like a horror scene where everything looks humdrum. But hey, here are some ways by which you can make your best friend smile when she is going through a breakup:

1.) Food.

Food is the solution to all the problems of the world, take her out to her favorite place, make her order her favorite food and let that just sink in. Devour the yummy food like there is no tomorrow.


2.) Sleepover.

The point is for you to spend as much time with her as you can that she does not feel that she has nobody to bounce back on. Watch her favorite shows, the order in her favorite pizza, look at old photos of the two of you and remind her that guy's come and go and that you two always have been there for each other and as long as you two are together everything else also should be fine.


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3.) Good reads.

Leave her cute messages now and then, check on her, and make sure she is okay. Send in a couple of good books to get an escape and find herself.


4.) Retail Therapy.

Food can solve global issues and anything that can second to that statement is money. Go out on a full spree, shop till you drop. Revamp her wardrobe, book yourselves a spa, get her a new haircut. Make her look so hot that her ex looks like an ape in front of her.


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5.) Organize a slumber party.

Invite all your girlfriends and do the same old shit you guys did in school and college and reminisce the good old days. This is something like bringing new recruits to the army of a losing queen. Losing she may be for now, but she still is the queen and with new soldiers who knows the tables might turn any day?


6.) Garden restaurants and Parks and strolls.

Open-air arenas have a very positive ambiance as compared to clubs and shady dark cafes and what can be better than having a cup of hot chocolate at a garden restaurant or a walk in a nice green lush park and venting her heart out?



7.) Put YouTube and stand-up comedy to use.

Not that all of it is great, only some of it is. So filter the some of it and even when you run out of it, then watch all that there is and laugh on those comedians' career decisions. Congratulations, somebody is far more fucked up than you!


8.) Let Her Abuse Out Loud

Let her abuse loudly in a closed room where no one can hear her or judge her. Let her vent out all her anger on the walls that wouldn't retaliate. This will make her feel lighter and unburden herself.


Be there for your gal sis, Adios!


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