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8 Ways On How You Can Help Your Best Friend And Boyfriend To Know Each Other Better.

Date: 2019-06-18 12:28:36

By Manveen

There, are you, then there is the love of your life and then there is another angle to your story, your soul mate, your best friend. Most triangles splits and the most tragic of ending has shown best friends splitting, one can recover from the heartbreak caused by a lover's absence but not from a best friend's departure. So, if you want yours not to end on a sad note, you need to ensure that your boyfriend and best friend gets along well with each other.

Here are eight ways you can help your best friend and boyfriends to know each other better and get along:

1. No formality.

Your boyfriend would want to be nice to your best friend and your best friend would also try to be nice to him back. In this situation of being overly nice, chances are they will be nice to each other, but never truly know each other and communicate with a degree of formality which will result in them not being comfortable around each other. So insist on them addressing each other with "Tu" than an "Aap". To talk to each other frankly with no pressure of being nice at all.


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2. A table for three.

Who will be the third wheel can be speculated later, but the three of you should go out on dinner dates or brunch dates often and catch up with each other. In the beginning, it might not be a splash, but if once all three people get to know each other, then you can be the perfect trio, just think about it.


3. Movies.

Movies involve opinion and help understanding another person's personality well, a discussion after watching a movie together is inevitable, discussion leads to a conversation and if their opinions' clash, good thing because they will debate and debate removes all formality after a certain point and even if they agree, well that is a good thing too because they have the same taste in cinema so more movie dates can happen.

4. Conversation.

The more they talk, the merrier you will be and if they can talk without you being there, then that is an achievement on your part as well. If they engage in a conversation, it will make them comfortable around each other, they would not be awkward without you. Say that you got like twenty minutes late to a lunch with the both of them, they would not be awkwardly sitting there waiting for you to arrive so that both of them can murder you. Instead, they will be talking and would not even realize the twenty minutes.


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5. Space management.

Too many dates together can also be pushing it, not all the time the three of you need to hang out together. Give individual one on one time to the best friend as well as the boyfriend, personal space is important, lovers' space is important, best friend's space is important and understand the difference between the three and balance it well.


6. Common social media group.

Make a group on Instagram or Whatsapp and keep on sending memes or jokes or poems or whatever it is that the three of you like mutually. After a point, they both will start contributing too, and they will have more reasons to talk to each other from their own zones.


7. Birthday planning.

Planning your birthday could help them talk if they have not been talking at all and you do not know where to begin with and they both will agree on one thing, you. So let them do one for you.



8. As friends.

When the three of you hang out, hang out as individuals and not as if two friends and a boy or a couple and a friend. See you will be set because you know both the parties, but the other two are yet to get along so whichever one you will pick, the other will end up awkward so do not go heavy on either PDA or old memories.


Hope, this will help you trio to make a loving bond!


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