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Stop Doing These 8 Things If You Are From Bangalore.

Date: 2019-06-25 12:00:56

By Manveen

Bangalore is known for many things, job offers, career opportunities, good weather, craft beers, and buzzing club culture. Even in the food category, all famous labels and restaurant chains are opening up in Bangalore. But not all can be right and perfect everywhere, right?

So here are eight things you should stop doing if you are from Bangalore:

1.) Brag.

Yes, Bangalore is pretty amazing and yes, everybody is moving there too, because they are getting college or job offers. They are not coming for you so stop bragging about being from Bangalore because all industries are investing in Bangalore right now, your contribution to it is zero.


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2.) "Da".

You guys might think yourself high, mighty and fancy and other things, but adding "da" after every word makes no sense. So much for all your fancy schools and ISC boards.


3.) Dosa, dosa and more dosa.

Dosa indeed is one of the healthiest breakfast options and is super yummy as well but get over it. Yes, idli is yummy too, but also get over it. Get your heads out of sambhar.


4.) Crib about traffic.

See we get it that there is a lack of road infrastructure and flyovers and single way roads and it is annoying to be stuck in traffic after every 1 kilometer, but okay we get it, trouble in paradise. Stop ranting about it.


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5.) Rain, rain and more rain.

If you ask a Bangalorean what is the best thing about Bangalore they will tell you it's the weather! Yes, the weather is beautiful, mostly, but when somebody asks you what is the best thing they expect a better thing than the weather, because, weather kind of is omnipotent.


6.) Work all day, party all weekend.

Bangalore is not the only city affected by this metropolitan lifestyle where the youth spends Monday to Friday working in the office and spend their every dime in Koramangala and Indiranagar on weekends. Working hard is good and partying is chill, but there should be more to your life.



7.) Get out of clubs for once.

Friday night scene? In the club
Birthday scene? In the club
Diwali? In the club
Holi? In the club
Life? In the club
Death? In the club


8.) Think yourself supreme by purchasing cars even if it is not required.

If Bangalore has good weather, it has nothing to do with you. If Bangalore has good career opportunities, it has nothing to do with you. If Bangalore has traffic, that probably has a lot to do with you for investing in more vehicles than you did.


Bangalurian's, tell me if I am wrong.


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