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8 Things You Should Know Before You Start Earning.

Date: 2019-07-09 16:24:18

By Mansha

The 20s not only brings freedom, independence, and fun, but along with all of this, it brings responsibility, and duties. Time has gone where we live on our parent's money, now, it is a time where you have to earn your own bread and make your parents proud.

Buckle up kids because you have entered in your 20s where your life would give lemons out of which you have to make lemonade. Things kids should know about earning before they turn 20...

Focus on your passion and money would come on its own:

Never work for money because that will only give you disappointments and regrets. Work in the field which gives you the right kind of kick and money would come behind you automatically.


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Never take money for granted:

Yes, you are earning and we all are proud of it, but don't take it as if you have full right to waste that money because later in life, you will learn the importance of cash and then you will feel guilty about wasting your hard earned money on meaningless things.


Believe in savings:

We know, during your 20s you get a minimum stipend, but still, try to save at least five hundred rupees out of it. It won't be a big deal but later, you will thank us for teaching you the art of savings, as life won't be this simple.


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Never believe in 9 to 5:

If your eyes would always be on the clock, then no work would be done as efficiently as you want or you won't be able to earn what you deserve. Work for experience and earn for self-respect, other things are not that important.


You will get, what you deserve:

Doing a job is not that easy as they show in Bollywood movies. In real life, you have to work hard and put maximum efforts as much as possible because life is a race and in the world of jobs, it is only about who will come first in proving themselves up. At the end of the day, you will get according to your performance and dedication.



Learn about practical aspects:

Gone are the days when you had to mug up the theory like a parrot, in this phase, focus on practicality and learn from the seniors because, in real life, the theory never helps. It just helps you to get basic knowledge and practicality helps you to become professional and sincere in your field.


Stressful life:

Life won't be like you have always imagined, like, working till five and then chilling and partying with friends because earning money requires energy and at the end of the day, you will be exhausted and all you would want to do is, landing up on your bed with food made by your mom. Life would be full of stress about work and at times, you will find it difficult to maintain the balance between professional and personal life.



It will change you as a whole:

The moment you will start earning, you will be a different person. You will see everything with the eyes of an adult and some things, which used to attract you earlier, won't attract you now because that's what adulthood is. Sometimes, you will feel old and clueless about your life, but kids; it would all be worth it.


Don't freak out kids because this is what life is. Every phase brings its own pros and cons, so, welcome this phase with a hug and say, "Try me"...

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