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8 Things You Must Do With Your Brother Before He Gets Married.

Date: 2019-06-04 12:15:40

By Manveen

Whilst sisters and their love seem like a song every bard wants to write about, the bond with a brother is a one not many seem to notice. Maybe because it looks like it is not there, but it is the only two of them know how truthful their bond is. It is only a matter of time before everybody goes their separate ways before we can prevent the distance, which is only natural and should take the course of action, but before the time flies away, here is what you can do, make the most out of it.

Here are eight fun things you can do with your brother before he gets married:

1.) Get to know him.

This might not sound all the fun downright, but it is the beginning if you do not know what your brother likes or what kind of a person he really is, how else can you even plan anything with him?


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2.) Take a trip together.

Ditch the old folks and take a road trip to a nearby hill station or a deserted haunted place. That is what siblings do right, group believing in ghosts so maybe some part of adulthood should be directed towards finding one of them.


3.) Relive your old days.

This is a must, just for old time's sake. Ride put your bicycles in the sun together and wait up for the ice cream cart. Set a house and play it all over again or how about a final match of Ludo or snakes and ladders?

Do what you once did and see how happy that still makes you.


4.) Eat out together.

It is about spending time, mostly so any activity that the two of you can agree on should be done, visit a place of his liking that you had no idea about or take him to a restaurant of your choice and introduce him to something new.


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5.) Gift him something.

Does not matter who is the younger one or who is the elder one, boys do not show and brothers exhibit the least because of the type cast seriousness and toughness so just gift them something that will make them happy and watch them melt beneath.


6.) Ask your parents to share some childhood stories, who messed up how, or who was more difficult to raise, you or him, look at your childhood photos together and revisit what is gone now.


7.) Run a marathon together or take part in an organized group activity, dance or swimming or riding horses or anything that ensures good quality time spent.



8.) Hang out with his to-be-wife.

No, not in a third wheel overbearing context, but try better to get to know her. After all, she is going to be a part of your family now so begin a good beginning and get to know her, it will strengthen the bond between you and your brother and your sister in law as well.


9.) Try a night out.

You have done this with your friends or you may not! Because of fear of parents *izzat*, but for your brother take this bold step, take out your car keys and ride!


It feels awesome when you are with your brother and now that he going to marry soon, it's your fundamental duty to spend good memorable time together, so that you both can share it with your own kids.


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