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8 Things That Happen When You Are Totally Drunk.

Date: 2019-06-13 13:43:19

By Manveen

Anybody who thinks being drunk is just a phase or an event or a very blah thing or even, they had never truly drunk out of their sense. Not that we encourage this kind of behavior, but how can you out rule anything unless and until you have tried it yourself?

To be drunk or to not be, we will leave it to you, but here are eight things that happen when you are drunk that you are totally missing out on:

1.) Experiments.

If you thought you're new Forever 21 top was a bit edgy for you on a normal day or a certain leather skirt might make you look not like you, once the alcohol hits your brain cells gal, trust us even Avante Garde will be your club outfit as well as your pajamas. That is the thing about liquor, it gives you the courage to express yourself, dress yourself howsoever you want to.


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2.) Disasters.

When you experiment, either your rocket reaches Mars or the Moon or ends up bombarding itself in Earth's orbit so just giving a heads up that not every drunk action is a good action, some end up being disasters but then again, that is where your stories will be written. This is the content you need to make yourself look cool to a certain audience.


3.) Loosen up.

On a general note your every nerve, limb, and sinew might make you conscious of yourself and restrain you from talking or dancing, but let the booze hit and you will understand why Preity Zinta from Kal Ho Na Ho suddenly started to dance like that.


4.) New friendships.

If you get drunk, you pee a lot too, and standing outside long queue's of girl's restroom will make you indulge in conversation with a lot of fellow drunk females as well and who knows you might find your soul mate right there.


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5.) Laugh your guts out.

There is a reason why people associate fun with alcohol, because they fucking enjoy it. No matter what the joke is or the scenario, if you get drunk everything becomes funny and not just funny, funny enough for you to chuckle your gums out.


6.) Oversharing.

Everybody becomes a kind hearted person sent by a god whose sole purpose is to share whatever they have, their glass of beer, social media passwords, personal FAQ's and god knows what not.


7.) Hog!

We would call it eating, but if you can actually take a look at it, it is not just eating. It is more about, you know "I have not eaten in three days, so give me whatever you have before I eat your brain out." So yeah!



8.) Sleep with a full makeup face and a Met Gala kinda dress.

You could be a very fussy the person or a major OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) inflicted one, but once you are drunk certain things stop being an issue, heels are sleepwear, makeup is sleepwear and so is your super hot bomb shot bling-bling sequins dress.



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