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Tips: 8 Things You Should Avoid Speaking On A Date.

Date: 2021-03-18 17:22:38

By Manveen

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Dating is quite an essential feature of our subculture now and if the dating culture is common then the problems that occur with it are quite common too. To help you make some notes before your first date we have listed down a few things that you should not say on your first date.

1.) Discuss weird fetishes.

Maybe you like pineapple on a pizza and you told somebody and they took it in a relaxed way but if you like to eat cake in the bathroom please be prepared for that date to be your last one with that person.

2.) Use multiple exaggerating adjectives.

Do not brag about yourself or use words like the best or super before sharing your life experiences, you will look like a wannabe of an epic sort if you do so.


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3.) Mention your ex.

This will make you look like a person who is still very immature and will be bitter over the littlest of things and not just that it will also hint that you are still not over your ex and not ready for a serious relationship.

4.) Cry over your last relationship.

This will make you look emotionally unstable and make your date feel like you are trying to use them as a rebound and nobody is that benevolent to be somebody's just rebound any longer.


5.) Booty call.

Do not give hints of hooking up on the day itself, it will blow off the entire deal right away making you look like a pervert or super desperate and you do not want anybody to be thinking in this way about you.


6.) Share secrets.

You might want to develop concrete bonds and maybe your intention as pure and naive but you should realize that firstly it not safe to share very personal details with somebody the first time you meet them and second it makes you look very gullible and might lead the other person to think that you are stupid and immature.

7.) Judge personal habits.

Maybe the person you are seeing is a little heavy, does not wear the right shade of foundation uses an annoying perfume, or eats rats for dinner but you must realize that you are not in a position to point those things out and expect that the other person will take it lightly.


8.) Talk about marriage.

You will look like a sick cringe-worthy psycho straight out of Ekta Kapoor's serials if you talk about marriage and things like that on day one itself.


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