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8 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Them. Though, It's Never Too Late, Girls!

Date: 2019-06-05 16:38:19

By Manveen

Ladies, listen if you have wondered what is screwing your relationship or why you are not able to get a certain guy's attention, maybe we have found the reasons behind it. This mystery did not need much time or any Scooby-Doo and crew to solve, guys are simple creatures with simple issues and very simply, we have a list out in front of you to know what your guys wish from you:

1.) Smartness is an attribute.

As is a pretty face and hot body and together they form a solution that beats all but the compound known as smartness, Tinder scenes, and booty calls are one thing, but if somebody is willing to spend time more than that with you they expect somebody more aware of that is happening around them. Life is more than Sephora and Zara and even if that were it the testosterone and company would rather discuss some politics, facts, science, sports with you.


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2.) Do not be google maps.

Which is to say stop giving directions and speaking of google maps, their directions are not always accurate which can be said for you as well. Columbus made it to India without a woman telling him what to do and as can they and you can chill, okay?


3.) Same budgets.

See, you have watched movies like Gatsby and Fifty Shades and all the guys showering their wealth on their ladies, well that indeed is amazing, but they have inherited quite some riches, but sadly your guy is on the same budget as you are and cannot send you flowers for every time they seen zone you. The seen zone is not even a real issue so understand monetary issues are for everybody.


4.) You are pretty till a point.

You want your guy to tell you that you look pretty and he should, once, twice, maybe thrice but he cannot do that a hundred times a day. He'd be a psycho to do so. If it means so much then record his voice telling you that and listen to it on repeat and if he did not think you pretty maybe he would not even be with you so woman you gotta know what you mean to your guy without him repeating it like an alarm.


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5.) You are pretty not the prettiest and even still are all that they want.

Beauty is not something that can ever be competed with. First of all it is a very subjective thing, Honey Singh puts all firangi women in his videos and talks about brown rang gals all the time but leave him, our point is, even if you are pretty and there is somebody else outside who is also prettier that does not mean he will go to her. Pretty - prettier - prettiest and so it continues, women are beautiful, one more than the other in an infinite loop, nobody can solve this loop.


6.) Clear communication.

Heard of Romeo & Juliet? Juliet to be precise?
Well, she was a dumbfuck. If she had plans to fake kill herself and live a happily ever after she should have given a heads up to Romeo as well. He could not have just guessed that she had planned. And we all know how it ended for them.
Romeo and Juliet should not be a love story, but an example taught to all Communication students about the epic failure they both were. Say what you want and what you do not want, he loves you, but he is a separate person who does not live inside your head. Stop watching Balaji Telefilms.



7.) Sports.

Stars come out in the night, the sun rises everyday, grass mostly is green and sports is just what they love and if they love sports or do not want to talk to you during a cricket match that does not mean that they love you any less that is as simple as it looks like, they just want to enjoy the match and as they should till the time IPC (Indian Penal Code) makes a law against it.


8.) Gal pals and guy pals are different.

You can crib about fashion and style all you want to your gal pals and that is okay with guys and slut shame or hate on anybody from your school or do whatever you may but do not expect from your guy to know your lipstick brand, color or even telling him to get you your makeup kit, please!


With this, we hope you have some clarity (Speak up, clear your problems and don't play pehle aap pehle aap i.e. go to point 6). Thank you for reading.


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