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These 8 Things Girl's Like. Keep Noting Guys!

Date: 2019-08-17 17:20:20

By Manveen

Do you know why the internet cares so much about girls? Because girls care so much about everything around them in the first place. From being emotionally attached to their diaries to putting in a lot of time and thought process in picking a bed sheet which compliments their bedroom, girls have their own character traits that make each one of them so special and unique. While some think that girls are petty and dumb to pick their favourites, we are of the opinion that this is exactly what makes them look cute and make them significant for knowing what exactly they want.

Here are 8 things which girls like:

1. Books.

Whosoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend probably had never set foot in a library. They all need not be fond of 800 pages above reading, but the number of girls appreciating literature and novels is much higher than the number of boys.


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2. Accessories.

Every girl has her own thing when it comes to accessories. While some like dangler earrings, others prefer small pearl studs. Some may be more interested in classy chic bracelets and other hoarding rings. Accessories are subjective to every girl, but the silver oxidized ones make all of them drool.


3. Flowers.

They need not be in fancy Interflora boxes with scented candles or even in a bouquet, you can love something and watch it grow and plants are the best things, symbolic of this gesture. Next time you listen to a girl telling she loves flowers, gift her a plant of rose, jasmine or petunia or whichever suits her best. Not only will you make her happy, but also help the planet.


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4. Chocolates.

Okay, so guys love chocolate too, and nobody is just making it look like a girly thing, but how many commercials sports guys eating chocolates in comparison to girls eating chocolates? Just saying. You got the clue what I am trying to say, right?


5. Gol Gappe.

Call them Gol Gappe, puchke, Pani puri, Patashe or whatever your ethnicity tells you, but you cannot resist them at all. Yes, some might like it sweet and some ask for extra spicy, but Gol Gappe are a girl's best friend, not diamonds.


6. Handbags.

If you think girls just randomly go to a shop and pick a handbag randomly, then you clearly have not hung out with a lot of girls. It's a whole process from figuring out what is trendy and what is durable and which one is both.



7. Heels.

Wedges, pumps, platforms, stilettoes or peep toes, but the bottom line is that, every girls has her own favourite types! And the short ones can never thank the man who invented heels enough at all.


8. Pets.

Cats or dogs, everybody is attached to their pets. Okay, most prefer dogs, but are they not all so adorable?


I think these 8 are enough for now, otherwise we won't get any after our list goes till infinity.


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