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8 Things Girls Find Sexy In Guys

Date: 2019-04-30 14:39:28

By Priyanshi


There is so much about men that girls find sexy, but attraction can be subjective right? Here 8 relatable points that you will agree on what girls find sexy in guys and believe it or not, six packs or riches is not on the list! I'd rather have a human form of a teddy bear to cuddle up, that's sexy to me.

1. A good deep voice just like Farhan Akhtar's.

Girls find a deep, heavy voice extremely sexy and there is no doubting in that. I mean, have you ever heard Farhan Akhtar? Jesus, I would give in hearing that good a voice.


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2. A guy whose sense of humor is on point.

One thing that girls look for in a decent guy is his sense of humor. If you can make the girl laugh, you are in her good list. It might sound mainstream, but a smart pun accompanied with a smile can make any girl swoon!


3. Sense of empathy.

Guys are said to be very straight and not very open about their emotions. But the girls find guys with a sense of empathy very appealing. The ability to identify and understand a person's feeling has always been appreciated.


4. A slightly messy appearance.

Being a good dresser and putting style above is all nice, but a little messy and unkempt appearance can look very hot and girls think it to be laid back yet super sexy! You might want to try out a hippie messy look with a tint of confidence the next time.


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5. Veins.

Most girls find distinct veins in men's arms very attractive. It looks inviting and it's hard to not get teased by it. Girls will know.


6. Courtesy.

Girls always appreciate polite and decent behavior where they are not pretending or faking to impress. It comes naturally and it's a turn on for girls to see the guys actually treating you and everyone else with courtesy. I believe, courtesy is one of the major points in the definition of a decent guy!


7. Chivalry.

Personality reflects it. If a guy is chivalrous, you'll know it and it would only take seconds to fall for it. Having qualities like loyalty and courage and being considerate and prim is sexy for women. Showing chivalry just at the restaurant is not enough, remember this.



8. And obviously, girls get attracted the most to the guys who smell good!

A good scent on body never goes wrong. I remember having been attracted to the smell that boys leave behind when they walk out of the elevator.


Girls find a lot of other things sexy like when guys just simply hear them out and console them, or when they have an easy going attitude or when they are fit! It depends from person to person, but one thing all girls fall flat is on a guy's smile. That is the most contagious.


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